Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Social Issues (politically)

These are my social issues. I was accused of just going with the conservative herd, well, I am here to prove to you otherwise. I go with what I believe in, and that is less government.

Esteban G. Camacho is a new contribtor to Hip Hop Republican.com he was born in 1989 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. There he lived in a lower class family with his single mother for 11 years before moving to the contiguous states. Esteban became involved with politics when he reached his senior year of high school.

When he got to college, he immediately pursued further education in the fields of government and economics. A staunch conservative and an advocate of the free market economies of the world, Esteban spends his time researching political backgrounds, economic titles such as Wealth of Nations, and strengthening his conservative base.

Esteban believes in personal responsibility, individual liberty, equal opportunity, and in the American dream. Among his favorite quotes is: "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" Esteban resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico and is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science.


John Imrie said...


Peace said...

Liberals love to sue. It's about time we use their same tricks on them. Consrvative groups and lawyers need to help defend minorities against these predatory doctors. Most abortions are done on blacks, hispanics and other minorities. Until the teenagers and women who are victims of these abortions start to sue abortion doctors, this practice will continue. Predatory Abortion clinics must end. We have to go after their money. Let the real victims of abortion get compensation and this practice will end. Planned parentohood made over a billion by performing abortions on black and hispanic women alone. LIberals sue OB-GYN doctors for delivering babies. Lets go after predatory abortion doctors for killing babies. The only way to win this issue is to change our tactics. Lawsuits will triple aborton doctors insurance. It is the only deterrant we have to stop this surgical genocide happening in minority communities.

Ivan Mc said...

Esteban, I think that an area that you miss on the issue of abortion is that the one person that has no choice is the baby. The government's limited powers do allow for the protection of innocent life, and there is no one more so than a child in the womb. The founding document of our nation states that we have "certain unalienable Rights... Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". It is in no way hypocritical to protect the innocent yet not want the taxpayers contributing to the cesspool of welfare (system not the people) that keeps people enslaved to the government. They are both ultimately compassionate to both the baby and the mother. Love to hear your ideas. Thanks.