Saturday, April 11, 2009

Know any Black Republicans & Libertarians?

The John Langston Forum which has over "200 members" exists as a social/networking group dedicated to connecting 30-something young black Republicans and Libertarian. If you know someone who is a Republican please email them this article.

Who was John Mercer Langston?

John Mercer Langston (December 14, 1829 – November 15, 1897) was an American abolitionist, attorney, educator, and political activist. He was the first graduate of the law school at Howard University and the first president of now Virginia State University. In 1888 he was the first black elected to the U.S. Congress from Virginia. His early career was based in Ohio, where he began his lifelong work for black freedom, education, equal rights and suffrage. In 1855 he was one of the first black people in the United States elected to public office when elected as a town clerk in Ohio.

Mercer was also the great-uncle of renowned poet Langston Hughes.

In 1888, urged by fellow Republicans, black and white, but not by leaders of the biracial Readjuster Party which had held political power in Virginia from 1879-1883, Langston ran as a Republican for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He lost to his Democratic opponent, but contested the results of the election because of intimidation of voters and fraud. After an 18-month fight, Langston was declared the winner and took his seat in Congress.

Quote: The anti-slavery movement, like other great movements whose aim has been the good of mankind, has not been the result of passion, has not been the invention of distempered genius. It finds its origin in the wants, the necessities of man; and its principles of love and mercy, of beneficence and good-will have their home in the bosom of God

Entire Speech my John Mercer Langston

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