Saturday, April 04, 2009

Harlem Republican Club Event - A History of Black Republicans -1854 to 1932

The Harlem Republican Club is inviting the public to RSVP for its next talk entitled "A History of Black Republicans -1854 to 1932". The event will be presented by Claude Sharrieff-Frazier on Thursday, April 9th and the event is free but you must rsvp to attend.

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Monday, April 9th, 6:30 to 8pmSecond Monday Meeting6:30 to 8:00pm

Harlem Republican Club, 309 West 136th Street, located between Frederick Douglass Boulevard (8th Avenue) and Edgecombe Avenue.

Please RSVP to (212) 491-9030

Topic: The History of Black Republicans - 1854 to 1932

Presented by Claude Sharrieff-Frazier

Dates: Thursday, April 9, 2009 @ 6:30 pm


The American Don said...

I'm telling you, you're really spinning your wheels by pubbing up Black and Revolutionary Republicans before the 1960s. All people care about is "what have you done for me lately?". And what we remember is the party of those who oppressed us in the modern era, those who seem more hostile to our issues, etc.

Look at it like this, which party today is the KKK most likely to belong to? How many blackfolk are going to be in that same party?

HipHopRepublians said...

wITH all due respect we recall histtory because it is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought. I suspect there are members of racist groups who work in all political parties. However it was Senator Robert C. Byrd, who happens to be in office today, and who himself was a KKK Grand Wizard, ... testified that the Ku Klux Klan "belongs to . . . our party – the Democratic Party. Also the AP during the election conducted a poll that showed that One-Third of White Democrats held Racist views so how many of these folks belong to Klan? More than one-third of white Democrats say blacks are lazy, violent, and responsible for their own troubles.

byron said...

The previous commenter is absolutely correct. Another thing, you're just republicans. There is no such thing as a "hip hop republican" Hip Hop is a counter culture. During the election you should have taken your black asses to some mccain/palin rallies and see how well that went. I think it is ridiculous for any black person to belong to a party which feeds off of racist sentiments. Republicans make it clear to racist white people that they're the party to vote for. Do you remember Regan's infamous "states rights" speech? But hey, if you wanna support that, it's really your business. Please though, quit using the term Hip Hop!

HipHopRepublians said...

Get over yourself, this is America, and others and we can choose to define ourselves as we so choose irrespective of “your feelings. So NO, we will not quit using the term Hip-Hop because it serves a general purpose and greatly defines who we are, (a counter culture in urban areas to leftist policies)

Do you ask Democrat Hip-Hop bloggers and writers to check there political views at the door? So I guess as long as Hip-Hop is a subsidiary of the Democrat Party all is well. Now to your second blab regarding taking our "black asses" to McCain rallies, well we did we were at the Republican Convention for a whole week, in St. Paul, Minnesota. We actually had allot of fun and were embraced by many there. Maybe you should gone to a rally instead of watching the TV tube. You should have met the people and talked to them instead of judging millions of people, do to a few extreme remarks. Remarks that could also be heard in Obama rallies, and events throughout the nation. How many times did we hear Bush being called a Hitler, Fascist?

Now to your third blurb about Regan and "states rights" what is your point? Southern Democrats were the masters of states rights infact "The States' Rights Democratic Party" (commonly known as the Dixiecrats) led to its popular use. Democrats for decades used States Rights and still use it as do Republicans when "states rights" means enhancing the ability of states to solve problems that our current federal government won't confront.

Anonymous said...

Republican or Democratic doesn't matter. I agree with Byron that hip hop shouldn't be used to sell politics.

byron said...

The democrats are most certainly the lesser of two evils as far as black people are concerned. I don't see many democrats talking seriously about doing anything to ease the pains felt by black americans. None of them want to deal with the issue of a prison system in which blacks are greatly over represented. They aren't serious about fixing the drug policies that are overwhelmingly used to put minorities in jail.

I'm not posting as a democrat. Which pretty much makes all your arguments useless. You don't even attempt to mount a defense of republicans. Instead you deflect any criticism back to democrats, as if this is a cable news show or something.

You are obviously free to describe yourselves however you wish, just as I'm free to mock that choice. So again, a useless argument.

As for how "welcome" you felt at the gop convention, I just want to say that st paul is a long ways from say... Alabama. I live in Texas and would not have felt safe at all attending a mccain/palin rally. Which reminds me(off topic), how in the hell can you support a party that nominated Sarah Palin for vp???

Also, if your not familiar with the regan speech I referenced, look it up. Everyone knew that the state's rights he was talking about were the rights to discriminate against black people.

Black people are much more conservative than their voting records would indicate. Nearly all of us avoid republicans because we see h through the code language that they use to attract those that still hate us. Not because they don't visit our neighborhoods enough.

Lastly, as I read your blog I noticed that you complain a lot about the gop not reaching out to minorities. Did you ever think that maybe reaching out to minorities would alienate a large part of their base? It's not that they're incompetent, they just know that any vote gained from an outreach would be several votes lost from people who want nothing to do with people that look like you or me.

HipHopRepublians said...

The critiques were based on your "arguments" not your presumed political affiliation of which I could care less. My question was to find out how consistent you held to your position with regards Hip-Hops use in the political sphere. Moreover, my intent was to find out whether or not you felt so strongly about this based on principle or prejudice, are you opposed to all political school of thoughts embracing Hip-Hop or just Republicans and Libertarian? On what grounds do you speak for and define what Hip Hop shall and shall not be?

Will you tell the folks at
Hip Hop Democrat to no longer use Hip Hop on there site.

I think the question is a very fair one because if you only analyze the GOP with regards Hip-Hop yet ignore Hip-Hop and liberal progressives this is hypocrisy. My questioning is to determine how consistent you are with regards your "outrage".

With regards locality and fear of Palin rallies, I live in New York City not Texas or Alabama and attended rallies here. If you think fear and political intimidation is a one way street then you are mistaken. During this election I and many other were personally threatened, as were close friends of mine for just having a McCain button on. Proof of this is the lack of Republicans in NYC who told me personally they were afraid to wear anything showing they were Republican. Some who work in the garment and fashion district just stayed quiet until election day. Despite the smiles at Obama rallies, not all Democrat activist are smiling huggable teddy bears fear tactics fall on both sides of the fence.

Imagine being a black Republican in Harlem with a McCain button on. If you think you would not be attacked, why not try it for a week. My friend Sanjay was personally told not to come into his own neighborhood after a group of thugs approached him and saw his McCain button on.

As for voting for Sarah Palin that’s “get over it” Why are you so shocked and aghast at the fact that folks who differ ideologically vote for folks that they do agree with ideologically. Moreover, that has to be expected you two share polar opposite views. Nevertheless, it is not odd that folks who do share her views, which are in the millions, do like her. You have your prejudices based on your ideological leanings.

With regards, this presumed argument that Republicans are some how more racist than Democrats lets see some research. I would like to see a “peer reviewed” study that shows that Republicans are racist. Are there racist Republicans yes, have there been instances in history of racism in the party yes. Nevertheless, that is America for you and these examples can be found in every institution.

The real jest of the matter is that Republicans are primarily a rural and suburban Party. A natural and inevitable clash between urban and inner city is the major issue we face…not secret, racist handshakes at YR, events. Instead of admitting the differences in ideological beliefs Democrats and activist groups tar Republicans as racist and the folks buy into this.

If black folks who had dogs and hoses sprayed on them by Democrats in the South, could coalesce on mere “economic interest” to look past that and join the Democrats then surely they can give the GOP a fair hearing.

BlackBox said...

Any black people who support FOX News and promote their shows, as the Harlem Republican blog does or read the paper of their subsidiary the NY Post depicting the current President as a chimpanzee getting gunned down in the streets by cops, are either mentally disabled, disturbed, or just plain stupid. I don't care about changing your opinion or engaging in whatever the Republicans call "dialogue" with their useless Tea Parties. I am merely going to say this:

If Black Conservatives cannot come up with a third party solution that speaks to the values of Blacks who actually are conservative but want nothing to do with the Republicans high-jacked by the racist right since the turn of the century, then you deserve all the scorn and derision you get. I am a Black conservative, pissed off by blacks in the GOP still grovelling for acceptance by a rabidly racist fringe. The Dems lost the majority of the racist Southern vote back when LBJ signed the Civ Rts Act. The Republicans were happy to accept them, and have been running on the empty rhetoric of cultural resentment ever since.

The Democratic Party is not perfect, but I think considering Obama could run and win on the Dem ticket and a decorated war hero like Powell declined because of the specter of assassination in just running for President as a Rep, it's pretty safe to say that Republican leadership black or white offer absolutely NOTHING to black citizens-- no ideas, no solutions, no standard-bearers.

Sometimes I look at your ilk, Jindal, Steele, and the like and I wonder to myself, are the Republicans trying to make people of color look stupid or is stupid a requirement for being a person of color and Republican? I think it's a perfect symbiotic relationship. You were made for each other.