Monday, April 20, 2009

Against Bad Policies Not Racism, Except By The Left - Tea Parties

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, an attempted journalist who fails as a commentator evidenced by his almost non-existent ratings and others who picked up the “teabagging” cry failed because the truth cannot be hidden.

By David Webb

When it comes to playing the race card, the liberals hold the deck but they cannot win the political poker tournament. The latest episode of low brow humor with “teabagging” referring to the Tax Day Tea Parties especially by comedienne Janeane Garofalo and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, and outright racist hatred of any American, of any ethnicity, who ascribes to a different view than liberalism reassures me of this.

For the record, I am black and one of the two organizers of the NYC Tea Party that drew an NYPD estimated crowd of 12,500. I am also the willing co-founder of the Black Republican Forum, not suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and have never been held captive by the vast right-wing conspiracy. I am also not aware of a “minimum daily requirement” of black people at a rally to legitimize it.

A diverse crowd by age, sex, ethnicity, party affiliation or not, was in attendance at the NYC Tea Party on April 15. The Tea Party grassroots protests across America were peaceful, civil in all aspects and in the case of New York required no official cleanup after the event. More important is that the Tea Parties were focused on fiscal responsibility and against onerous tax policies put in place, and promised by our leadership at the local, state and federal levels.

Comedienne Janeane Garofalo, a one-woman hate machine, and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, an attempted journalist who fails as a commentator evidenced by his almost non-existent ratings and others who picked up the “teabagging” cry failed because the truth cannot be hidden. The same technologies which helped propel the Democrats to their existing majorities in Washington D.C. are non-partisan and also work for the people who now use it to send a message to our leadership.

Neither Janeane Garofalo nor Keith Olbermann are journalists and to that fact, journalistic ethics do not apply. Their behavior is often common on the far left of the Democrat party. Such juvenile behavior and name calling is used when the far left has nothing of substance to offer or is threatened by the truth. The left cries loudly in the town square of their strong, almost fanatical belief in freedom of speech unless such speech is not by those of their ilk. Their voices may be loud, and rancor baseless and rude, but much like the ratings of MSNBC, NBC and CNN, their numbers are dwindling. They have in fact already lost, and much like dinosaurs with tiny brains and underdeveloped central nervous systems, do not know they are dying.

Do not be disheartened America. Look for those intersecting points in all coalitions across America and stand together on facts and for sound policies. What is needed most in our country is Citizenship not Partisanship. America has and will survive tough economic times. Hold yourself and your elected officials accountable.

A final note as the GE stockholders meeting is Wednesday April 22 in Orlando Florida. How will an honest review of failing media outlets be received and handled by those who have their money invested?

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MamaMaria said...

It makes me CRAZY when I hear the snide comments by the MSM and celebrity elites like JG. They have NO IDEA what responsibility IS! I have 8 children, one with Autism and I struggle daily with Multiple Sclerosis. We fight daily to pay our bills, but we'd rather lose our home than saddle our kids with debt. Do you realize why these twits have NO problem with this much debt? Because they either don't have kids or don't see what this much spending will mean to their kids.

All I can say is, they had better wake up soon or their kids will rebel louder and angrier than they are now. Their limited view will be widened and they will WISH they had listened!

Anonymous said...

this why i always try and bring a camera to these events where appropriate. whether left or right, it's same old America for Black people: "if we don't (accurately) tell our story, who will?"