Friday, April 03, 2009

The Curious Case of NY-20?

By Dennis Sanders

The race in the 20th Congressional District in New York is too close to call. Which should be a wake up call to those Dittoheads that that think there is nothing wrong with GOP these days.

Here is what David Frum says:

Too close to call? NY-20 is one of the most conservative districts in the northeast. Maybe the most conservative. The Republican candidate, Jim Tedisco, had experience and name ID. The GOP organization strongly backed him in a race recognized as one of the most important in the country this season. And it’s too close to call? If we cannot win NY-20 easily, where can we win?

Now, the GOP probably can win somewhere, but it needs to be competative everywhere to be a real party. Frum goes on to note that there will be a lot of excuses given by the conservative talking heads, but at some point, there will need to be some real soul searching by leaders in the GOP. But of course, according to Rush Limbaugh, we don't need to do any soul-searching, right?Riiiiiiight. You just keep living in your dream world, Rush.

HHR Note: Republican Jim Tedisco now appears to lead Democrat Scott Murphy by 12 votes after picking up 37 more votes in re-canvassing, reports PolitickerNY, however it should not be this close.


Anonymous said... make a good point. However, I think republicans know, nationwide, that we need to stop living in a dreamland. We were given a blue print on how to win elections and we have strayed away from it. Its simple: stick to our principles. We (officials and candidates) need to start being conservative and leave this middle road. Great post. found it on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - This conservative strategy if it is only a Southern and an Evangelcial white strategy the GOP is doomed.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry - This conservative strategy if it is only a Southern and an Evangelcial white strategy the GOP is doomed."
AHH! I dont think this is the case. The Black community typically has conservative values, but vote left because of a variety of reasons, mainly (how i see it) due to the sterotypes that are casted upon the GOP. McCain was a middle road republican (i call this type of republican a democrat) and he lost. Reagan, Bush, and W, ran on CONSERVATIVE principles...and won.

how do you or anyone reading expect to get more votes from the north, blacks, and non-evangelcials - if we are not going to run on our principles?

Anonymous said...

Ummm ... "a variety of reasons" you mean like economics, housing, jobs…. Bringing the culture wars to New York, and Detroit is a failed strategy. Its not even working in the Midwest where Iowa just approved gay marriage...IOWA!! The GOP needs an urban agenda not a rural agenda wrapped up to appear urban, but real new ideas to urban issues.

Anonymous said...

Republican politicos who prostrate themselves at the feet of Lord Rush "are dividing the country 80-20 against themselves," That's one reason why Democrats last year elected congressmen in places as diverse as Vermont and Alabama, while Republicans no longer have any House members in New England...Keep it up, before long the GOP will return to its 60 year status of a minority party again.