Tuesday, March 03, 2009


David Frum, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the editor of NewMajority.com is coming out defending Steele over the Rush Limbaugh issue.

The writer and scholar goes on to say: It was a misstep for Steele to be drawn into a direct spat with Rush. But on the substance: Steele was right. Limbaugh is not the leader of the Republican Party, and this weekend he again demonstrated why not. Limbaugh mocked Steele for appearing on television and “trying to be some talking head media star, which you're having a tough time pulling off.” Oh? As compared to whom?

He continues: Nothing Steele said will be 1/1000 as harmful to Republicans and conservatives as Rush Limbaugh’s now multiply repeated statement that he hopes President Obama fails. I cannot believe – I mean I really cannot believe – that a communicator as skilled as Limbaugh fails to comprehend the lethality of this remark. When Limbaugh says he hopes Obama fails, almost everybody listening will hear that as a wish for a longer and more severe recession. I appreciate that Limbaugh has a personal and ideological meaning behind his statement. He means that he wants the President’s program to be rejected in favor of some other emergency package. But that’s not what he said, and that’s not what the big voting public will remember.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Steele now knows who his daddy is. He may as well change his last name to Limbaugh. This makes Steele look exactly like what the republican party is using him for: A token. I am Black and don't affiliate with a political party. Mr. Steele will never encourage me to vote republican.


Bianca said...

I totally agree with Kendra...Mr. Steele you had your chance to stand up to a man that others won't...but you punked out like the rest.

Peace said...

I have to agree with Rush L. on this one. Steele needs to anticipate what liberals will ask when he goes on these shows. He is no longer a talking pundit. Michael Steele allowed Hugley to say the GOP CPAC meeting looked like Nazi Germany. When the liberals atatacked Steel back in 2006 and release his credit report, Rush L. was one of the few that stood up for him. Liberals still call Steele "house Negro" just ecause he is not a democrat. There is nothign worng in criticizing Rush but you have to set the rrecrod straight when go on TV and they deliberate twist the words of Rush. Steel needs to focus on genertaing money for the GOP and rebuilding the grassroots. If Obama policies suceed it means more:

Abortion funding
Nationalization of private companies
More taxes
Demise of the middle class
Less regulation of borders
Defense Cuts
Destruction of human embryos for Stem Cell research
Death to capitalism
Bigger government
Socialised medicaine
Devaluation of the US$
Less School chocie for minority students

Every republican going on TV or a talk show must know they will be asked if they agree Obama poilcies should fail. But the question is not whether we want Obama to dail. We want Obama policies to fail if he is implementing a far left liberal agenda rooted in socialism. COnservatives want America to suceed not liberalism. If Presdient Obama really wanted America to get out fo this economic slump he would not be bailing out AIG and other multi million corporations. He would not be spending money trying to get his social agenda in place. Obama is doign the samethign BUsh did during his last year in office.

Anonymous said...

Rush spends three hours every day explaining just exactly what he means, and nobody has ANY excuse for thinking or saying or believing he means anything other than what he SAYS he means, every day on the radio.

The one conservative spokesman who doesn't HAVE to be 'interviewed' to find out what he MEANS or THINKS is Rush.

Steele, though, was given a chance to respond instinctively with his own view.. and he did.. and it was NOT pretty. He nodded and agreed with Hughley's characterization of CPAC and Limbaugh's speech as 'like Nazi Germany'. STEELE SAID "I AGREE".

How the heck can anybody, even FRUM, fault LIMBAUGH here? Only lefties who WANT to misrepresent Rush can interpret what he says to the detriment of America.

Obama is destroying this country, probably deliberately. Limbaugh wants him to fail to do this.


Dave Perkins

Anonymous said...

I probably should not even waste my time with some illiterate knuckleheads that call themselves "hiphop" anything. Why are you attaching yourself to music that debases people, and bastardizes a culture. If Rush is going to be a leader of a Political Party why doesn't he run for office. If he believes so much in the movement and likes to spread propraganda from the outside, then he ought to be willing to step up to the plate and ruffle feathers from the inside. He (Rush)does not want to be held to the same scrutiny of elected leaders. He (Rush) wants to stand on the outside and throw stones at the White House now. However, when Bush was on the inside he could wine and dine with the Party bigwigs.
If you Republicans want to practice doubletalk like the Democrats do, you need to wait until you are in power again. Right now this economy is collapsing and it has nothing to do with Conserative or Liberal policies. Corporate policies of maximizing profits at any cost is what has brought this economy down. When a poor, righteous politician comes along with the best of intentions, they have no voice until the corporate media gives them one. You can believe that won't happen any time soon because poor people are not suppose to lead in this country because they have not proven they can master the capitalist game.
You stupid "conservatives" should be thankful I even took the time to offer you some advice. Neither you, nor your stupid democratic friends will ever accept that YOU ARE THE ENEMY of the American people as long as you believe in the status quo. This country needs a revolution! The people with power abuse it, and leave the powerless, hopeless, and helpless.