Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting a Radio Show! Opinions needed

Star one of our loyal contributors on HHR has wonderful news she is considering starting an online radio show and wants you're opinions.

Hello everyone. If you haven't meet me, my name is Star. I'm a Virgo and I love to have fun. But that's not the purpose of me writing this.I'm about to launch a new radio show, WHWDradio. This has been a labor of love and learning and I can't wait to get rolling.

I was wondering if you guys can help me with a little research first. I'm planning a political show full of stories from our music, movies, and ancestors.

If you read my blog, http://www.whydidyousaythatgirl.com/, you know I love to write stories.

This will be a conservative show, but I'm planning on stepping out on conservative speak. As a black republican, I can not separate either from my existence.

I believe in fiscal responsibility but I have a bit of a potty mouth.Simple question. Would a conservative radio host that cusses be a turn off? My show will be on internet with no oversight, anything is possible. Where should I draw the line in the sand.

All opinions welcome

To discuss Star's latest radio show head over to The John langston Forum http://blackrepublicans.ning.com/profile/Sonskystar


Jewels said...

LOVE the idea! Can't wait to hear your show, I'll be sure to tune in.

As for the potty mouth... eh. There are a lot of conservatives who cuss. I'm no expert about what turns the majority off, but as for me personally, I can take a measured dose of it. Course it means I can't listen with my kids around, so I'd have to save it as a podcast or something for later, but it won't stop me from listening. ;o)

The Pondering Catholic said...

I love to read all that you write, so I would tune into your show. You have an amazing way of putting things. As far as the cussing, I would say, I would check in, but I am not sure I would have my kids check in. I have some teens in my house, who I LOVE to read the stuff of conservatives, cuz they need to know this stuff. I personally am so excited that so many cool people like you, who say it in a way that they can understand, are out there. But I gotta admit, that would take them out of the equation. I think the future of the republican party is in the hands of our youth, and I am doing what ever I can for my kids and their friends to hear the truth about our party. Your blog has been one place I turn to for them to read. Can't wait to hear more about your radio show! You Rock! Keep up the great work, and keep on keeping on!

The American Don said...

Lookin' good. If I were a less honorable man...

Anyway, would you be so kind as to set up a podcast for your show. Regardless of whether you curse like a sailor, it's just difficult to catch these online radio shows, I'm always on the go.

Nice blog, though it almost gave me a seizure with the harsh colors. It least it ain't as bad as Myspace.

Anonymous said...

Look in a mirror; start a television show.

Andre' said...

"cursing" as we know it,is a myth.but that subject is a little too deep for the masses.whether or not it turns people off will depend on the audience.im in though...