Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quote of the Day

Republicans also need to work on an economic message outside of simply cutting taxes. That message failed, certainly amongst the young, to convince voters that Republicans have a plan to bring our economy back. Mike Sabato, a junior at Fairfield, articulated the way many college voters perceived McCain’s message on the economy. “McCain’s message focused on the reasons why Obama’s plan to increase taxes were wrong, not why his plan was right. When he did talk about his own ideas, it centered on cutting taxes without the explanation of how tax cuts would stimulate the economy.”

~ Jonas Stankovich's article

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sbm said...

Wall Street has voted on The Democrats plan for recovery, I wish I could say it was President Obama's plan but more than once he has shied away form being a leader and opted to be a politician. We need someone to step up and instill confidence something President Obama has been unable or unwilling to do. Unable to do if all he is is an empty suite, unwilling if his plan is to rip down capitalism and replace it with the failed policies of socialism.

President Obama stop using GWB fear tactics and lead, President Obama please stop wasting words on who is to blame and start showing us the solution.