Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Katon Dawson trying to Oust Steele?

Say it Aint So Katon?

RedState has an interesting piece up in which they allude to the possibility that that South Carolina GOP Chairman and former RNC Chairman candidate Katon Dawson is may be trying to oust Steele.

However it seems like Kate has come to his senses writing on the National Review blog that he is not supporting such an effort. I am not sure what Kate is up to but he wants to permanently tar the GOP as a racist party this is a sure way to do it.

Taking down the first black Republican Chairman is not a good strategy.

Katon Dawson: I Don't Want to Oust Steele

South Carolina GOP Chairman and former RNC Chairman Katon Dawson writes in to Campaign Spot:

I support Michael Steele. Our Committee elected him knowing that he can lead us during this critical time for our Party. The people behind this anonymous rumor are clearly intent on dividing the Republican National Committee and our Party at a time when we need to be united


Anonymous said...

Steele told a GQ reporter today that he was pro-choice. This guy has no control of his mouth whatsoever; he's done.

Anonymous said...

Lets see a source???

Anonymous said...

Saw this coming a mile away. Steele is a ticking time bomb.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no sourcing on any of these rumors. In fact, Steele nad Katon met today.

You should be ashamed of yourself for pushing these stories further,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dawson is not helping the Republican Party be more inclusive than it has been.
He should keep his pie hole Shut.

I agree 100% with Steele's plans to change how people are approached and enlightened about the Republican Party's beliefs...mostly smaller gov't. and fewer taxes.

SB Smith

Peace said...

STeele has his principles all confused. A few weeks ago, I suggested he stop doing all thee play boy leftist media interview traps and focus on raising money and staffing the RNC. Now he gone and made a fool of himself with GQ magazine with the abortion issue.

All he had to say was that he is pro life but he believes the states should decide on abortion. Roe V Wade was decided by the SCOTUS and the states were not given a chance to vote on it.

But Michael Steele does not think when he speaks. He speaks without listening to the question and now it's all over the media he is pro choice. He is sinking the GOP. How he expect us to give him money if his views are so screwe up

Where is Ken Blackwell when we need him. I guess Ken was far too conservative and not a media HOG charmer like Steel.

We Do not want a democrat-like party. We mustr stand up for our principles and values while at the same time welcome others with different views. But our top leaders must be able to espouse of core prinicples.

Anonymous said...

Ken Blackwell is bought and paid by the Family Research Council and other religious "agenda" driven backers. Electing a person like Kenneth Blackwell would have been on par to electing Clarence Thomas to head the RNC. If you think, Steele has problems Kenneth Blackwell would have not faired much better.

1)Accused of allegations of conflict of interest and voter disenfranchisement which led to the filing of at least sixteen related lawsuits naming Blackwell by name.

2)Also named in a 2006 lawsuit related to his office's public disclosure of the Social Security numbers of Ohio residents.

The list is just to long

Anonymous said...

Is this the beginning of the end of the GOP?

Anonymous said...

No more so than a few years ago when folks were asking if this was the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party?