Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Timothy F. Johnson seeks NC Republican Party Vice-Chairman.

Buncombe County Republican Party Chairman, Dr. Timothy F. Johnson, after winning a landslide re-election victory at the County Convention this past Saturday, announced today that he will run for the position of North Carolina Republican Party Vice-Chairman.

"It's time we bring fresh voices with innovative and effective approaches to the table. There are too many groups of people who have not been represented at the state level in recent years," said Johnson. "This isn't just about having people of color in leadership roles. It is also about being open to those with different ideas and backgrounds and allowing many voices to be heard."

A major responsibility of the Vice-Chairman is to be a link and advocate on behalf of the county and district organizations, a particular passion for Johnson.

"Elections are won at the grassroots level and that means the county and district levels. The North Carolina GOP should be in the business of supporting the counties, then the districts, then itself. As one of our of party's fundamental principles, we believe government governs best when it governs closet to the people and I believe that should apply to the Republican Party structure as well." Johnson added, "Since becoming County Chairman, I have repeatedly seen the state party asking the counties for help, while giving very little to the counties in return. That's backwards and it's time to fix it."

Other duties of the Vice-Chairman include supporting the Chairman in his or her duties and stepping into the role of Chairman in case of vacancy.

~Dr. Timothy F. Johnson was first elected unanimously by acclimation as Buncombe County Republican Chairman in March of 2008. He was re-elected last Saturday by a more than 3-1 margin. He was a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Committee, and has been asked to speak at Republican sponsored events around the country. Dr. Johnson is the President and CEO of Leadership 101, an organizational development consulting company.

He served 21 years in the US Army, currently serves on several boards including North Carolina Housing Coalition and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina, and is an Adjunct Professor at Shaw University. He is married to Latessa M. Johnson, Director of Student Services at Asheville City Schools.


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GO Tim!

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I think he moved too fast. Not enough experience from where he started.