Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An Articulate Hip Hop Artist? Q-tip Kicks Back With Tavis!

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Anonymous said...

hahahhahahaaha, steele is such a uncle tom, omg, i know u guys saw him state rush L. for what he is. Much respect on that part.

But than omg he goes back and says he's sorry, and has his wife do it too, what a house negro.

you guys are a joke, u put faith in a party who does not like u and often will blame u for there problems, and that Lincoln and MLK comparison thing u do is crap u u know it.

Lincoln would be considered a liberal in current times and MLK frown on using republicanism to prove his point which again today would not be close to what the republicans are today, u can always ask his kids .

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many hip hop artists would appreciate their images being posted on this site.