Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money

H/T to the Black Informant with exposing the numbers of urban city mayors and there need for mo money!

My last count of stuff that has NOTHING to do with “stimulating” the economy was $7,723,000,000. Time to add some more stuff.

$600 million to buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees.
$246 million tax breaks for Hollywood movie producers to buy motion picture film.
$160 million for “paid volunteers” at the Corporation for National and Community Service. grand total so far: $8,729,000,000

Again, let’s put that figure in perspective. Take a look at the budget figures for the following random cities.

Philadelphia - $3.97 billion
Baltimore - $2.921 billion
Washington D.C. - $6.4 billion (proposed 3/08)
Richmond, VA - $1,488,752,425

Doing some quick math, I added up the total city budgets for Richmond, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

My total? $8,379,752,425.

That is still less than my total figure which is comprised of stuff that do nothing for you and I.

The cities I listed are cities with a major Black population living in or close to poverty. The number one complaint we hear from activists and politicians in these districts is that these cities never have enough money help its poor. Yet with this stimulus bill, we are putting things like bee research, hybrid vehicles and digital converter boxes ahead of a demographic that is always used as the poster child for more government.

Look at how these “poster children” are being dissed in this era of “change”.

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Anonymous said...

Team Obama is now claiming that it was Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, BArney Frank and Chris Dodd who filled up the stimulus with all that POork. Even some of Obama people were tellign Blue Dog demcorats to vote against the stimulus so that Nancy Pelosi pork can be removed.

People want Jobs and all she cares about is makign sure they get laid with all that contraception crap.

sbm said...

Prez. only has a couple of these excuses left before folks start turning but remember he is going through on the Job training. We need to give the Jr Senator from Illinois a bit of time to learn. I pray he succeeds

Anonymous said...

They never gave Bush any time!!!

rmrd said...

Reality has a strong liberal bias.
GOP Governors like the stimulus plan.

Anonymous said...

This is not a Stimulus PAckage, this is a Spending Bill. While a lot of thsoe projects in the Stilumus are noble ones, we need to focus on the economy. The other projects can be debated at another time. But if this is such an emergency, why is President Obama allowing so many non Stimulus items to remain.

George Bush did not govern as a conservative. Bush was crippled when he seek out bipartisan help from Nancy Pelosi after the democrats got controled of the Congress. The economy was in great shape from 2002-2006. After the Dems took over the HOsue, Bush went on this silly spendign spree just so his bills can get pass a Democrat House.

The President of the United States cannot spend one dime unless COngress approves it. So the spendign under Bush needed demcorats and well as republcians votes to succeed. The true fiscal Conservative republicans and Blue Dog demcorats voted no on almost every one of Bush Spending programs.

Deregulation was never the problem. The American financial system has detailed laws and rules on what to do. Again the problem is that the regulations were not followed. In this case both democrats and republicans are to blame for not enforcing the rules.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd both democrats were and still is in control of the most powerful House Committees (Banking and Finance)that regulate our financial system. As far as republicans, Chris COx over at the SEC did not follow the rules he was place there to do. I am not a blind partisan, but I can see this problem is not the fault of one person.

If deregulation was the problem in America, how do you explain the most regulated economies in the world in worse financial trouble than us? England, Japan, Iceland, China, France all in financial woes on the verge of bankruptcy.

President Obama is doing the samething Bush tried do, spend more money to fix a debt problem. I wish Obama would highlight the need for the American dollar to remain strong. If our currency is devalued, inflation will skyrocket and we will all be in dire straights.