Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Law of Attraction for Black Folks

Think like a thug; feel like a thug, become a thug, it's not some mystical process that only a select few can comprehend

By Nadra Enzi

After twenty-plus years as a very active activist in a relatively inactive city I matched baited barbs and crossed racial swords with the best of local and even national gentry opposed to what I advocated. At the same time I was a very active student of self-help and spiritual systems, ancient and modern, all in pursuit of realizing my highest potential.

The two overlapped in my ( to some shocking ) affiliation with the Republican Party and continued as the text for various motivational speeches I would make over the years. While a naturally aggressive person, years of daily prayer and meditation led to the realization that fighting folks whose consciousness was negative isn't ideally the route to overcoming said negativism.

By no means have I become a pacifist like my late mother but I have decided to promote the essence of what always drove past activism, self-development and dignity, minus the need to argue with those arrayed against my positions. Conveying the essence of what I promote, minus tit-for-tat tactics, has attracted ( via the universal law by the same name ) like-minded types whose skin tone is different but whose spirit tone is alike.

While still racially conscious, I opted not to wade in the sewer with individuals whose racism ( Black and White ) still wasn't KO'ed by rhetorical right hooks and cognitive blank-kicking. My goal was always to build better people, starting with the one I see in the mirror daily, with the ultimate ambition of building better sub-groups, i.e. a better Black community divorced from past limiting thinking whose better output would help in the creation of a better overall society.

Hope that doesn't sound too mushy for detractors and sparring partners out there. I'm still a warrior but the latest personal upgrade presents a happy warrior whose primary weapon is relentless promotion of choosing only those thoughts and feelings that will shape the reality you want.

It's only by stringent selection of affirmative thoughts and feelings that Black people ( like anyone else ) will draw into our lives outcomes that elevate us above the misery many experience.

The Law of Attraction is a part of civil rights we don't consider because it is exercising the civil right to think and feel only for your best interest. Banishing fear; insecurity; race hatred and other limitations is the daily march we must take in order to finally leave a past that should have been outgrown generations ago.

We are free to choose inaction and misdirected anger but shouldn't ask for help as the miserable harvest from such choices overwhelms us.

Even in my combative stage I always advocated better decision-making. It's inescapable if one is seriously dedicated to social justice. Too many Black folks have bought into a limiting set of beliefs that produce a limiting set of behaviors that, you guessed it, cement them in lives of lower expectations.

Imagine if the Klan was secretly paying us to kill each other; avoid self-directed learning; carry ourselves in a offensive manner and the rest of a long laundry list that seems to literally get worse every day.

Picture the uproar as the Obama Justice Department waged a holy war against these schemers!Now ask yourself what the response will be since the majority of those urging Black people to think and feel in this fashion are themselves Black?

I knew from day one in Kindergarten that I had to define myself according to my vision and that of those who loved me. The coldness I felt from peers and professionals from another part of the community was all the hint I required.

The sum total of my thoughts and feelings from that point til now have been " living a larger vision of myself " to quote master motivational speaker Les Brown, once misdiagnosed as educably mentally retarded.

The deeper one looks into his thoughts and feelings the plainer the direction of his life becomes. No amount of tax payer dollars can bribe you into better self-governance. It's an investment you make daily and its results are yours alone to experience.

Black folks have to scrutinize so much of what has been handed to us by both our culture and that of majority society. The thinking and feeling patterns which emerged from a slave-to-second class citizen continuum must be abandoned at warp speed.

On the heels of this abandonment is the dumping of the current ghetto mindset ( I live in the inner city so please don't think me elitist ) destroying more per capita than the previous one mentioned above.

All a fad, custom or culture is the collective result of what a group of people think and feel. Until we become better consumers of such information bad headlines and statistics will continue being the dominant product of too many folks thoughts and emotions.

It's immaterial to have a Black president only to have millions actively working against the kind of thinking that delivered him to the Oval Office.Only markedly better thinking and feeling choices of millions will make the ultimate difference.

Think like a thug; feel like a thug, become a thug, it's not some mystical process that only a select few can comprehend. I thought like an activist; I felt like an activist, I became an activist, i.e the sum total of those thoughts and feelings.

Fill in the blanks on the thinking and feeling portions of the process and that's what the person in question will inevitably become.

Rewriting the history of a people only happens when persons begin thinking and acting differently.

That's my story of law of attraction for Black folks- attracting optimal individual growth and connectedness with like minds and leaving the " nattering nay bobs of negativism " in the gutter where they belong! I always wanted to attract the better outcomes and experiences and know I'm not alone in this desire.

~NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK is a writer and promoter of avoiding trouble with the criminal justice system.He can be reached at NADRACAPTBLACK@YMAIL.COM


dalekathryn said...

I live in Canada and saw the excitment that Obama's election created here. I agree that a black president in the Oval Office does not neccessarily change the world on its own. However it is a start and the grass roots movement that got him there is still going strong. The collective conciousness has shifted and I believe that this is the beginning of something much greater than I ever expected to see in my lifetime.
Dale Kathryn

Crista said...


The grassroots angle of the story has been completely and utterly debunked.

A complicit and fawning press, corruption at every turn, liberation from white guilt, an unpopular war, ineptitude in the GOP that put only grumpy old bald men in the race, economic crisis caused by both parties, and a very timely sex scandal in Illinois state politics got us here. And we will be paying for it with our dollars and our freedoms for generations.