Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hip-Hop” Artist says" Im a Republican

By Richard Ivory

Is being a Hip Hop artist and a Republican an oxymoron?

No so says “Hip-Hop Republican” Calvin Tanella, and to prove it he is reaching out to hip hop artist to battle what he perceives as a rampant form of liberalism within Hip Hop and the and music industry in general.

Calvin told HHR that he is a proud Republican rapper and that this was not a joke mentioning that yes we do exist!. Calvin a native of New Jersey is releasing today his new debut Hip Hop album entitled "Mr. Conservative". He has asked that readers of HHR and other blogs help with the promotion of his album.

He said that a friend told him about our website and at first he thought the guy was pulling his leg. Calvin says he know all to well that the words "hip hop" and "Republican" are rarely mentioned together.

If you want to can check out Hi-Cal aka Mr. Conservative music you can do so at

We at HHR think it would be cool to get a liberal rapper and a conservative rapper to battle on HOT 97…now that would be fun!

Hi-Cal aka Mr. Conservative

Scarface Tells AllHipHop He's Republican- Joe Biden Hates...N%*^#$%

Interesting video where rapper ScarFace does a strange "foul mouthed" interview where he says he is a Republican.However he seems to still think whites are still out do get blacks including Democrats like Joe Biden.


The American Don said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

wow, its racist in a way since he admitted that he wasn't voting for the issues, he was voting for the color of the presidents skin.

Anonymous said...

Wow, exactly! We have a guy who admits he believes in the Republican way, yet 1 minute later he admits he is voting democrat and Obama because he's black!?!?


As I've read before and agree with, this past 08' election was the biggest act of racism this country has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is this, we should be happy that someone his position would even say something like that. That's something the GOP can build off of. Let's not complain about the parts we disagree on. Let's be happy that there's even a point of conversation.

Bianca said...

This is mad old, but he could have explained himself a little better

Anonymous said...

So I guess Rappers are "Fiscal Conservatives"

pedrozuniga20 said...

what do you think tupac would say about republican rappers