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"Rachel Hoff is a committed servant leader who has the competence and work ethic to empower YRs from the club level up. Whether or not someone has a title does not matter to Rachel--she believes everyone is capable of making a difference and she is committed to investing in everyone. The DCYRs also endorsed the team Rachel is building to take the YRNF to the Next Level. As members of her local club, we know that anyone on a team with Rachel Hoff is the kind of leader we need to move the Republican Party forward."

~ Marcus Skelton, DCYR Chairman

By Richard Ivory

A wave of excitement rippled across the faces in attendance at a recent meeting of the DC Young Republicans. They had gathered from all over the District of Columbia to unanimously endorse their National Committeewoman, Rachel Hoff, as she announced plans to seek the Chairmanship of the Young Republican National Federation. Speaker after speaker took to the stage to endorse Rachel Hoff's team and her strategy for taking the YRs to the next level.

The Young Republican National Federation is one of the largest and most influential networks of young Republicans in the nation. Its intricate state and city grassroots army of young professionals makes it a powerful institution within the Republican Party, particularly as the GOP looks to make up ground after the devastating loss of support among under-30 voters last fall. This is why decided to sit down with Rachel Hoff and ask her a variety of questions. We asked her about her plans and strategy for empowering the YRNF and how, as Chairman, she would reach out to the urban landscape.

HHR: Rachel thanks for sitting down with and providing our readers with a glimpse at what the YRs do and your strategy for taking them to the next level.

Rachel Hoff: It's my pleasure.

HHR: So Rachel you have themed your entire campaign the "Next Level" what does that name encompass and why did you choose it?

Rachel Hoff: The Next Level is about building upon the successes of the Young Republican National Federation in recent years. We have made a lot of progress in recent years toward establishing our organization as a political force and the voice of our generation of Republicans in the media. At the same time, we have a long way to go to reach our potential. But instead of starting over, let’s use what success we have had as a platform to rise to the next level. As young professionals, our generation must lead our Party into the 21st Century, creating new ideas and driving new technologies to communicate a new message to more people than ever before, while we reaffirm our commitment to conservative principles – that’s the Next Level for the Young Republicans.

HHR: How will you implement this strategy?

Rachel Hoff: Our campaign has launched a sketch of our five-point action plan, which can be seen on our website at
. Our platform is a strategy to institutionalize a robust fundraising program to provide for the long-term sustainability and influence of the YRNF, as well as provide value to member states. We also want to arm YRs with education, training, and access to 21st century policy solutions, ensuring that we are the most qualified and competent political operatives in each state to help young candidates communicate a strong message that will win voters and elections. Another thing we will do is to reinvent and expand the targeted deployment of YR volunteers to meet the changing needs of campaigns, with particular emphasis on supporting candidates under the age of 40. Underlying each of our goals and driving all of our activities is a revolutionary use of technology. We will make use of current and future technologies to reach the members of our generation and motivates them into activism for the GOP. Technology will be the foundation that innervates all goals and functions of the YRNF in increasing our exposure and influence among both our Party and our generation.

HHR: Rachel, could you explain to our readers why the YRNF exists?

Rachel: The YRNF identifies and produces Republican Party leaders – including elected officials, conservative thinkers, campaign consultants, GOP activists, and community leaders. As a national federation, we serve to support and empower our YR clubs and state organizations around the country in the work they do to promote Republican candidates and causes. YR clubs can be found in major cities and rural counties across the nation, and we provide training and resources to new clubs that are just forming. Young Republicans work tirelessly every fall as volunteers, campaign managers, and candidates to elect and re-elect Republicans to all levels of government. We also serve as the leading voice for young Americans in the Republican Party through the media.

HHR: When will the convention be held and what city will it be in?

Rachel: Convention delegates from around the country will gather in Indianapolis this July to elect the next leaders of the YRNF

HHR: Are you paid a salary to become Chairman of YRNF?

Rachel: No, the YRNF is an all-volunteer organization. Our leaders and activists at all levels work tirelessly for our cause – and that is one of the many reasons why I am so humbled to be running for Chairman as this organization.

HHR: Is there a national headquarters somewhere?

Rachel: No, the YRNF is a truly grassroots organization. The strength of the national organization comes from the state federations and local clubs. Each Chairman has a team of leaders from around the country that work hard to implement the programs and initiatives of the Young Republicans. We all meet for meetings three times a year.

HHR: You are aware that HHR's primary focus is on urban issues and minority voters in particular. How will the YRs reach out to this community?

Rachel: The Republican Party must reach out to every person in every corner of this country, no matter where they live and not matter what their race. In the Young Republicans and the Party as a whole, we need to take minority outreach to the next level, involving people of color not just in minority outreach roles but in every sphere of our activity, from serving as media surrogates to running as candidates. With regard to urban issues, Young Republicans must serve as strong and visible advocates for safe and prosperous streets, school choice, job growth, and efficiency and transparency in government. These are core Republican issues that can win votes in the inner cities. In terms of reaching into urban communities and communities of color, our message and policies focus on empowering the individual.

HHR: Thank you Rachel for spending some time with, and The John Langston Forum and good luck on your run.

Rachel: Thank you! And be sure to check out our campaign website at

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