Friday, February 13, 2009

DC Young Republicans Unanimously Endorse the Next Level

The District of Columbia Young Republicans (DCYR) proved their commitment to take the YRNF to the Next Level yesterday evening by unanimously endorsing Rachel Hoff, Julianne Britt, and the rest of the Next Level ticket.

"I am proud to accept the support of the DC Young Republicans as our ticket's first endorsement," said Hoff. "The unanimous and energetic support of my own DCYRs is a resounding start to our campaign. I look forward to building momentum moving forward."

"Rachel Hoff is a committed servant leader who has the competence and work ethic to empower YRs from the club level up. Whether or not someone has a title does not matter to Rachel--she believes everyone is capable of making a difference and she is committed to investing in everyone. The DCYRs also endorsed the team Rachel is building to take the YRNF to the Next Level. As members of her local club, we know that anyone on a team with Rachel Hoff is the kind of leader we need to move the Republican Party forward."

Marcus Skelton, DCYR Chairman

"Rachel Hoff is the most capable, polished, and selfless young leader I have come across since I've been with the Young Republicans. Having had the opportunity to work with her on the DCYR board, I can personally attest to her fitness to lead the organization on a national level. Through both her professional and campaign activities, Rachel has shown a tireless commitment to conservative causes and an unmatched dedication to the Republican Party. Given her demonstrated skill and experience, I am confident that Rachel has what it takes to advance the YRNF to the Next Level."

Rich Counts, DCYR National Committeeman

"I was proud to second the motion to endorse Rachel [Hoff] and the Next Level ticket because I've seen her commitment in action both at the local club level and nationally. From organizing our national deployment efforts to chairing the YRLC to standing up for every member Rachel has shown that she's ready to lead the YRNF on day one with passion, professionalism, and effectiveness."

Sean Conner, YRNF Deputy Director of Minority Outreach

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