Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black America Re-Imagined

By Nadra Enzi

Early in both my activism and self-development studies I would imagine what Black America as a whole would have be like had we immigrated here voluntarily?

The visions that came was of a community with fewer of the nagging issues arising from fractured selfhood; with far more businesses and non-profits owned and operated by its members and better race relations based upon an uninterrupted history of achievement first among ourselves and in general society.

Is it nonsensical or even callous to ask oneself why can't we take this same vision and attempt to realize it in the current version of Black America. Are the chains of the past and present errors too strong to dare such reformation?

I honestly think and strongly feel we write our outcomes daily by what we choose to believe and behaviors these beliefs birth. While this new Black America wouldn't happen in the blink of an eye, millions of people engaged in this type of re-imagining of group reality would create a community dramatically different from today's version.

Excuses for not doing better are falling upon increasingly deaf ears, most notably more Black ones than ever before. When mainstream figures like Bill Cosby joins conservatives and nationalists in denouncing what's going on a watershed moment is upon us.

Re-imagining our group biography means deleting those habits born from a time when even our minds we not ours to control.

Re-imaging ourselves includes a full court press on the ghetto class that is loudly displacing every other Black culture preceding it.

Only by transforming old and new dysfunction will a new Black culture arise that takes the best features of what came before while aggressively avoiding self-destructive pitfalls.

Imagination seems an unlikely prescription for what ails many of us but consider the alternative: millions more thugged out youth waging war on adults and elders who scarcely understand them let alone have the backbone to actively resist.

If we fail to re-imagine our community then we may find ourselves quarantined in steel as society imprisons inner cities and majority Black areas as a last ditch effort to spare themselves more bitter harvest.

The imagination gaining ground as I write is a nihilistic mindset where intimidation; rudeness and non-stop scheming is used without hesitation against anyone.

The ' Hood is a desperate place where anything goes and goes often. We know this only too well and a Berlin wall of sorts has been erected by a middle class and fellow travelers whose ethnic identity doesn't include what we see dominating inner cities and popular entertainment from coast to coast.

Two competing imaginations war within Black America. Those who could save the day have literally given up hope in a different vision.... it could be argued so many Black votes were cast for the new President as a last ditch cry for help by folks drowning in an urban sea of misery.

We have to at least try to re-imagine ourselves because the alternative is becoming the first people in modern times to literally self-destruct in plain view of the entire world.

That kind of imagination needs to be re-imagined!

~NADRA ENZI aka CAPT. BLACK is a writer and promotes avoiding trouble with the criminal justice system and realizing that what you think and feel becomes your personal reality.


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