Wednesday, January 14, 2009

White House Buzz: Mother-in-law in the White House

Tiffany Shorter

Like most Republicans, I don’t care for many of Barack Obama’s actions, but his recent decision to have his mother-in-law move in the White House gets my support.

Marian Robinson, mom to Michelle Obama, will join the soon to be First Family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this month. The New York Times reports, Mrs. Robinson has been very supportive during the election season as she helped to take care of Malia and Sasha. This will be a major step for her since she has never lived outside of Chicago. This move; however, may be temporary. As the future first granny, Mrs. Robinson has yet to say if she will become a permenent White House resident.

This arrangement will surely win the hearts and minds of many wives who wish thier husbands had such a good relationship with their mothers. Obama’s personal life exhibits an excellent example of American family values, let’s hope his policies will follow suit.

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Anonymous said...

this decision is about as conservative as he could get. let's give bar-o his propers as a dad even if we don't believe in him as a politician.