Saturday, January 17, 2009

The View,the only view

By Andre' Antwan

In a recent display of exactly why no one wants to listen to left wing radio,Whoopi Goldberg and the fantastic 4 of the inexplicably popular show "The View" teed off on Ann Coulter.The mood was set for a warm reception when minutes before Ann was to make her appearance,the ladies decided to begin discussing their dislike for some of the statements made by Ann in her new book "Guilty,liberal 'victims' and their assault on America"(which is a dynamite book by the way).Barbara Walters read a couple of lines from a pre-selected chapter with such disdain in her voice you would think she was reading Mein Kampf.

The passage read was this:

"...various half-black celebrities insist on representing themselves simply as 'black'---the better to race-bait their way to success.Actress Halle Berry,singer Alicia Keyes,and matinee idol Barack Obama were all abandoned by their black fathers and raised by their white mothers.But instead of seeing themselves as half-white,they prefer to see the glass as half-black.They all chose to identify with the fathers who ditched them,while insulting the women who struggled to raise them."

Whoopi makes the hilarious non-point that because Ann is a 5 foot 7 blond white girl,she has no right to speak on these biracial celebrities,apparently not aware of the fact that there are no biracial hosts on the view and thus according to her own logic,she should shut up as well.As if a 4 and a half against 1 majority was not enough of an advantage already(the half being Elizabeth Has-no-backbone),they did the typical liberal thing and asked accusatory questions but refused to let their conservative guest answer any of them.If you are not familiar with the show,it is basically four overbearing,loudmouthed,middle-aged liberal women and one cowardly half-hearted conservative all making nonsensical arguments and blasting their headstrong opinions about topics they do not have the capacity to understand.

The audience,which appears to be as dimwitted as the hosts,erupts into applause at random times after irrelevant and sometimes absurd statements like,for instance,when Rosie Odonnell said 911 was the first time in history that fire melted steel(thats how they make steel).The highlight of the whole chat was when Whoopi asks Ann why she stated in her book that hollywood actresses use single motherhood to promote their careers.The one time she is allowed to complete a thought she delivers a vivid explanation of what she meant and how hollywood,the new york times and womens magazines promote single motherhood.The looks on the faces of the viewlets was as if someone was trying to train kindergardners in neurosurgey,they didnt get it.The next line from Whoopi was,and I quote"are you married?".

This was an outrageous attempt at condescension by a three time divorcee'.No matter though,its her show and if you dont agree with her...look out.Which I guess, is my point in writing all of this.While calling Ann's research "not so good" (without explanation)and her persona "an act" she only validated what Ann has been saying for years:liberals dont play fair,they cant,because the facts are not on their side.

There is a recurring pattern that I see with these types of shows dominated by left-wingers.If the opposing view is represented at all,it is represented by someone who is not smart enough to explain nor defend it or someone who is too cowardly to stand up for it.This is how you get people like Elizabeth on "the View" who,half of the time,agrees with the others on the show apparenty out of peer pressure.

The left,which controls most of the media and entertainment industries,have created an imaginary world where they are the smart ones and the brave ones and anyone who disagrees with them is a dummy or a nutbag.In most cases this is the exact opposite of reality.If you dont have internet access you might never know the brilliance of someone like Ann Coulter because she will never receive a fair fight on television.They would like us to believe that a conservative with the sharp wit and courage that she has doesnt exist.They will either,like NBC attempted to do,quietly blacklist them, or like the ladies on the View simply prevent them from speaking.

All in all,I would bet a large sum of money that the collective IQ of the entire panel on "the View" is not quite that of Ms.Coulter.Perhaps that is an exaggeration.Fine,Ann Coulter plus a cockerspaniel is smarter than them all put together and their only chance of not being made fools by the likes of her is cheating,making sure that the only view that gets articulated properly is theirs.Thats the game.

Andre' Antwan
is an invisible man.Perhaps a figment of your imagination.A black conservative Christian.A rap/soul artist that is happily married with kids.An uneducated genius.If you are reading this,you have probably lost your mind.Or maybe,you are one of the few sane people left on the planet.All in all,mr.Antwan would like to personally thank you for reading his semi-literate ramblings about the state of affairs.

"I am Andre Antwan and I approved this message"


Anonymous said...

I have not read Miss Coulter's book, but did see a sample of her time on "The View" and heard her on Rush Limbaugh. From what I can tell, she has done a lot of research on the topics, all though maybe not enough. I'll have to check out her book from the library.

The quoted passage is interesting: I have wondered this myself. Since I live in the South, I am aware of the "one drop" rule, and all that that may imply. However, to essentially kick to the curb one's white side--as Obama has done (I don't know enough about the others)-- perplexes me. How do you throw away that much love and support? I see no reason in this day and age that BOTH sides can not be given respect.

There is no excuse for the way "The View" treats non-liberal guests. However, it is what it is, and its guests know that.

USMaleSF said...

You have guts, sir. Good for you. The "one drop" rule may have once been an oppressive marker, but now being black is cool and advantageous, especially in the entertainment world.

I did not vote for Mr. Obama and look for little good from his presidency, hoping to be proved wrong for the sake of the Republic.

I cannot help but be happy, though, that his racial heritage did not prevent him from becoming elected President.

I refer to him as the country's first mixed race President, not the first black one. That strikes me as an equally, perhaps even more, powerful symbol. Sexual mixing of blacks and whites has traditionally been the most volatile issue in our common history. He is the product precisely of that mixing.

I wish his parents were still alive to stand behind him and next to each other on the podium at his inauguration, one parent white, the other black. That image would be a powerful one for us and all the world to see, and one worth noting and being happy about.

rmrd said...

Coulter gets grief for the same reason that Michael Moore get grief> Many of her statements are made to induce outrage.

WH Press Secretary Dana Perino has said that Coulter doesn't represent Republican women.

Let's not pretend Coulter is not deserving of some of the flack she catches.

Anonymous said...

I loved your post about the View !
You're not rambling at all, and your opinion is dead on re: the nitwits there.

Please post more to Hip Hop Republican !

SB Smith in Texas

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is a smart women but she can also be an embarrassment to the party. Her comments cement the image of an intolerant Republican Party. The racial demographics shift in this nation is changing fast and if Ann is the voice of Republicanism, the party will continue to loose. The Latino vote is almost completely Democrat; folks like Rush Limbaugh push them deeper and deeper into the Democrats corner. There speeches and books may bring in millions but in the end the GOP will lose. Also regarding “Religion and Morality” that’s not a winning strategy. We need to come up with solutions to the nations problems like healthcare. If we think running on a purely religious message is going help our cause you’re wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter's number one priority is to sell books, as is her publisher and literary agent. I'm pretty sure she doesn't care who buys it, whether it be a liberal or conservative, black or white, gay or straight, just as long as she generates big numbers.

Now, I'm pretty sure Ann Coulter knew what to expect when she agreed to appear on The View. I do not see her as a victim, as she willingly threw herself into a den of lions in order to publicize her book. She had every opportunity to decline to appear, but she didn't. And why? Refer to first paragraph.

It's amazing. Just look at everything as dollar signs, and that clears up a lot of things.