Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Supporting My President For A Better America : A Black Republican Perspective

Barack Obama’s inaugural speech inspired a united America. As a black Republican, I along with other blacks, whites, Latinos, liberals and conservatives am ready to take the journey with the new president to fulfill our national aspirations.

By Tiffany Shorter

Yesterday Barack Obama became the first African American president of the United States of America, and months ago I supported Senator John McCain for president. Today President Obama addressed the nation to clearly state his vision and goals that he can move our nation forward, and months ago I was skeptical of vague policy positions. Today President Barack Obama won my support because his work, determination and fortitude months ago, earned him the Oval Office.

I am an American before I am a Republican, so today I have put aside partisan differences to be proud of my nation and my president. He has earned my vote of confidence that America is on its journey to becoming an even better country. Tomorrow, I can continue my civil duties of promoting self - empowerment and limited government to contribute to America’s prosperity.

In the meanwhile, I am grateful to witness the dream of Martin Luther King realized.

God Bless America.


rmrd said...

The crowd that stood in the cold to catch a glimpse of the new President or merely to be a part of the event, should send a message to the GOP. During the Bush years, people who disagreed with GW's policy were virtually labeled traitors. People have grown tired of that tactic. Bush was booed by some as he appeared on stage.

The GOP can either stick with Limbaugh, who is hoping for Obama to fail or follow the more reasonable path suggested by the author of this post.

Anonymous said...

Its also true that the left referred to Bush as "Not there President"..THEY GAVE BUSH HELL!! You guys hated him before he even got in to office.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that MLK would be happy with just any black President. And I too am an American before I am a republican but Obama won't get a vote of confidence out of me. He already got my vote of distrust. And Anonymous is right rmrd. The left was vicious from the get go and that is not Bush's fault, or the fault of the GOP. The GOP goes wrong when we try to please the left instead of sticking to our values.

rmrd said...

@Anonymi, If you both think that going the Limbaugh route is a winner for the GOP, have at it.

The cool response to GW's first term had to do with the intervention of the Supreme Court in the Florida vote and a judicial decision that essentially broke along party lines. Many felt the Supreme Court ruling was purely political.

Regarding "Not their President", I remember Mary Matalin freely stating on TV that Clinton was not her President. Limbaugh had a countdown "Days Under Captivity" clock while Clinton was in office.

For each insult you bring up, there is a counter from the other side. Going totally negative against Obama is not a winning strategy. You need to be smarter.

The Democrats changed to a 50 state campaign and addressed issues usually untouched by Democratic campaigns on the road to victory.

A scorched earth policy against Obama will not win the GOP many converts. That is what I believe Tiffany Shorter is pointing out.

Each side is upset at the other for some slight. The question for the GOP is if they want to inflict damage or if they want to win elections.

Calling Obama a Muslim, radical Black Liberation Theology, Socialist, Marxist, Anti-American did not work. The electoral college loss was massive. If you want to repeat a losing technique, feel free.

Bianca said...

Congrats to Obama...Hopefully Americans can stop bitching and get the necessary work get America out of this slump

sbm said...

I do not agree with Limbaugh on a lot of things. I believe he is a performer who's opinion has to be taken with a pound of salt. Just like Moore, just like Bill Maher just like Olbermann. I understand his statement as meaning that if Obama is headed down the path of "Nationalizing" the banking industry, the car industry, ect then he wants him to fail. I agree.... because it will not fix anything it will make it worse... I only hope and pray Pres. Obama will not follow a socialist path.

uptownsteve said...

You rightwing negroes better take your heads out of your butts.

A black democrat is in the White House.

A black Democrat is in the Senate.

2 black Democrats are state Governors.

Numerous black democratic congressman and mayors.

And a black Republican can't get elected dogcatcher mainly because the people you suck up to, white conservatives, won't vote for blacks.

And you think WE don't have a clue?

sbm said...

we're all playing nice in the sandbox (at the fire hydrant) and along comes the fat kid to mess things up.

uptownsteve said...

I know how much truth offends you deluded coonservatives.

I swear, you people never cease to amaze me.

Conservatism has been total failure.

The acknowledgement of that failure was manifested at ballot in 2006 and 2008 with resounding Democratic victories.

And you folks are questioning the intelligence of the LEFT????

sbm said...

Intelligent, keep praying to the image of Che, Fidel and Lenin and I'll keep calling you an idiot. 2 in a row and its the great intelligence of the left. We get attached on the homeland on your watch and it'll be 100 years before the left sees the White House again

uptownsteve said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but the terrorists did hit us on the Bush watch didn't they?

Prior to that, what were the terrorist attacks on US soil.

Oklahoma City?

Oh wait that was a Christian Republican white boy.

96 Atlanta Olympics?

Another rightwing white boy.

You know conservatism makes negroes stupid.

sbm said...

Correct me if I’m wrong, do you forget the first WTC attack 1993? Under who's watch? 9/11 planning started immediately after that under whose watch? and lets not forget all those terrorist attacks in the 60's by left wing nut jobs, the weather underground, the FALN and others on American soil by left wing nut jobs of many different skin tones.

Creekblood said...

Are any of you going to argue policy or are you all going to keep accusing each side of this and that with no true substance? First of all I would like to address the fact that conservatism has not failed because of the fact that it has not been implemented. Bush claimed he was conservative but was not, get that right! Now on to the ignorant statement of "conservatism makes negroes stupid" that is the most assinine statement I have ever heard. Conservatives and conservatism could care less about ones heritage, race or religion. Conservatism is a political ideology that most people do not take the time to understand. It is much easier to simply agree with popular sentiment than to learn the truths of conservatism. No matter what your race conservatism actually will make you more intelligent should you undertake the effort to understand it. Most will not make the effort and will try to be "cool" and follow popular sentiment like the little sheeple they really are. you have a brain use it!