Sunday, January 11, 2009

Speaking of Israel is Speaking of the Middle East

Leette Eaton- White

I gave you my personal perspective of the current situation in Israel in a very pro-Israel way in my last article. Now I will continue my Pro-Israel lean, but now I am going to give more reasons why I feel this way. Get ready because we will enter into politics, and this article will pretty much sum up my opinion of the Middle East and our involvement.

There are several reasons that only the enemies of Israel can bring peace, and there are several reasons why that will never happen and I am going to tell you how we are compromised by trying to deal with Israel’s enemies in the fashion we have for the whole of the 20th century.

Number one: All of Israel’s enemies only want Israel and all Jews to not exist. Yes its really that simple. They want the state of Israel gone and the Jews gone with it. You can’t negotiate with that mentality. The USA and Israel have been trying desperately to negotiate for the sake of appearance and it has never and will never work in the long term. PERIOD. END OF STORY!

Number two: We try to make good with various nations in the Middle East because of oil. We need oil, as our economy depends on it for various reasons and so, because the Democrats have been blocking pro-drilling legislation in this country for about 35 years, we do our absolute best to play nice with those in the Middle East. There of course is a simple solution: we need to drill here where we have plenty of oil. Some estimates say we might have three times as much oil under American land and off American shores than the whole of Saudi Arabia, the number one exporter of oil in the world. We may have three times as much oil than Saudi Arabia!? Is that what you said Leette? Yep folks, that is what I said. The USA could be self-sufficient in oil usage and the number one exporter in the world if only the Dems would allow us to drill where the vast amounts of oil are located. And not only would our economy rebound but we would stop entangling ourselves in the dangerous game of dealing with enemies of Israel within the Middle East. PS: There are environmentally sound ways to drill for oil; that should silence any envirowackos.

Number three: The Plight of the Palestinians. Now no one in their right mind would dare say that the Palestinian people don’t suffer. They do. But they are not proactive in ending their own suffering. One way they could do that is by not democratically electing terrorist groups to lead them! Hello folks, if you don’t want people to be hostile to you stop electing people who want to commit genocide. DUH! If the suffering Palestinians really wanted, prosperity and peace they wouldn’t have terrorists speak for them. The fact that they elect terrorist means they support the terrorism and the sanction the actions of said terrorists. They make it really hard to support their cause when they make moves like that. Who wants to help a “victim” that insists on fighting dirty?

Number four: Tactics of Hamas. Now this is really important. So often Islamic terrorists use their own homes and places of worship, which makes seeking them out incredibly difficult and it compromises the safety of civilians. So when Israel strikes against Hamas often “innocent people” get a bomb in face too. And guess what… tough truth warning… that is the fault of Hamas; and further than that, it’s what they want. They want Israel to look as bad as possible. And nothing makes people angrier than hearing about children in the line of fire. The problem with these terrorist groups it that they hate the enemy more than they love their families. That is apparent by the fact that they choose to hide behind the people they claim to be protecting. The tactics of the USA and Israel are very different. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” G.K.Chesterton. Very true indeed.

Number five: The Vast Terrorist Network Conspiracy. Simply put, all Islamic Terrorist groups have one thing in common: the destruction of Israel. They want nothing more than to obliterate it. So when possible they band together and help each other in their jihadist genocidal cause. Iran has flat out said they are helping to instigate in the ongoing conflict in Israel, including providing suicide bombers. They have about 70,000 Iranian student volunteers. WOW. They really hate Israel. That is impressive. 70,000 sent to kill, not to protect. This says a lot about their version of integrity folks. And lets be clear, any state that sponsors terrorism is an enemy of this country. And most of the middle east implicitly supports such action against Israel, some countries are just smarter, or more covert, about taking action or making moves against Israel and (by extension or directly) the US. Don’t forget this nifty little fact, the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia- a country we rely on for oil. Note how we try not to ruffle their feathers, even though we know about the social involvement in The Vast Terrorist Network Conspiracy. After all, we are blocked from getting our own oil. That’s a sad sorry state to be in; at the whims of terrorism and their means of profit.

Number six: World Opinion. We for some reason seem to have an investment about what other countries think of us. So we try in vain to do what everyone else wants us to do. But as my mom used to say to me, “Just ‘cause everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should”. The international community is obsessed with documents and treaties and bureaucratic bull. The UN wants to play nice with every serious threat instead of taking the threats on and its own corruption compounds. The UN dangerously ineffective in its approach to world issues. Trying to impress leaders that do that is wrong and stupid. Yep I said STUPID. We put ourselves and others at risk by trying to negotiate with those who are hell bent on not negotiating. It doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks. The issues we face shouldn’t be about being popular. We should be more concerned with doing what is right.

Now as I said before and in my last article Israel’s enemies have the responsibility to end the violence. The problem is they don’t have the desire. Like my aunt says, “If Israel laid down its weapons, they would be destroyed. If Israel’s enemies laid down their weapons, there would be peace”.

Leette Eaton- White a native New Yorker and college student seeking an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and has been a Republican since the age of 15.”

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