Wednesday, January 28, 2009


By Richard Ivory

The New Majority's Jamie Boulding has a very persuasive piece out today dealing with the reforming of US prisons. In the article Mr. Boulding compares the success of reforms policies under David Cameron’s British Conservative Party with those of the GOP. The article systematically explains the cultural challenges the GOP will have should it seek to push similar reforms here in the United States.

He stresses that "with the notable exception of Sam Brownback, the Republican Party’s silence on the issue is not just morally problematic, but electorally catastrophic. If you pass tough-on-crime laws which disproportionately incarcerate the very constituencies you are already badly losing, and then refuse to ensure basic decency in prisons, don’t be surprised to lose elections again and again. And no, the belated signing into law of the Second Chance Act, which lavishes more federal money on failing prisons, will not be sufficient".

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