Friday, January 16, 2009

McAllister to Talk Politics on WVON, CNN This Weekend

Political commentator and HHR commentator Lenny McAllister will talk on politics, the Inauguration, and a Festive Fast for Black America on CNN Saturday.McAllister will also appear on CNN Saturday evening to discuss the Inauguration, the future of the Republican Party, and the impact of the Obama Presidency on Black America.

McAllister will appear at 8 PM EST on the popular cable network.

Lenny will appear with host Cliff Kelley with "The Cliff Kelley Show" (streaming online at at 5 PM EST (4 PM CST) today on WVON 1690 Chicago.

On the agenda for the show: the Inauguration, the political climate with the approaching Obama Presidency, and initiatives to leverage the Obama momentum for the Black community.McAllister and HHR is reaching out with other African-American leaders to join an effort to institute a "Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future," an initiative asking for a 40-day celebration through obtaining 4 goals which changes negative trends found in Black America.

The "Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future" can be found on

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