Sunday, January 18, 2009

Black Version of James Carville & Mary Matalin?

He's a Republican staffer. She's got a crush on Obama. Can they overcome the political divide?

Brandon: I'm a member of [a black Republican association]. The night of the date, I took our constitution on the Metro with me, to do some editing in preparation for our meeting this week. I got to the restaurant early, so I decided to take my seat and finish up. When Me'Shell came in, I put the papers down.

Me'Shell: When Brandon looked at me I thought, Okay, he's attractive. He got up, and I saw he was tall; that was even better. He had a nice build and nice eyes.

UPDATE: Two days after the date, Brandon took Me'Shell to a Young Republicans meeting on Capitol Hill. Afterward, they went out for drinks and had their first kiss.


Anonymous said...

What a great love story

Anonymous said...

i used to bang her!