Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Dream Deferred

Black people voted for him because he was black.White people voted for him because a brilliant marketing strategy convinced them that they were voting to end racism.The most despicable part of their strategy was dragging in a great man who is not alive to defend himself.

By Andre' Antwan

With the inauguration coming the day after Martin Luther King jr. day many comparisons have been made between president-elect Obama and Dr.King.Even in the months leading up to the election there was talk of Obama being the fulfillment of the dream which King spoke of.This inspired many Americans and perhaps even influenced their vote.Though the Obama camp would tell you that they have done their best to keep race out of the equation and Obama won because he was judged "by the content of his character",the subtext of his whole campign was this:

If he wins,America has evolved and overcome racial prejudices and is headed in the right direction.If he loses,America is a terrible racist nation and has not changed at all since 1950 or so.

It was quite shocking to see how many people were swayed by this emotional manipulation. Black pride and white guilt had taken the American psyche and put it in a chokehold. One of the worst developments has been the tarnishment of the reputation of a great American hero.For selfish political gain, time and time again his name was invoked and his dream associated with a person who has a radically different vision and history. You have heard the comparisons. Lets contrast,just for kicks and giggles.

Dr.King - rose out of the segregated south in a country where he was not welcome to become a leader in the fight against racism and inequality.

Obama - grew up in an integrated society and diverse family yet willingly chose to attend a segregated church with a racist,separatist,ant-America preacher.

Dr.King -had to endure constant threats,ridicule,and being hit with rocks or as Martin Lawrence once joked "half a boulder" in order to see legislation passed that would secure rights for those who were oppressed.

Obama - Has no respect for the rights of the unborn and seeks to suppress the free speech rights of his critics.

Dr.King - was seen as a threat by the federal government.Was followed,investigated and recorded by the FBI in attempts to discredit and/or incriminate him.They even went as far as spreading rumors about him being an adulterer.

Obama - has the supreme court and the electorate comfortably in his pocket,shirking their responsiblilties to uphold the constitution by ignoring legitimate concerns about his citizenship and eligibility to hold the office of president.

Dr.King - confronted the moral issues of his time head on.

Obama - says they are above his pay grade.

Dr.King - dreamed of a world where his children were judged by "the content of their character" not the color of their skin.

Obama - won because he was black

There, I said it. I know someone is sitting at their computer right now about to burst a vein right now but its true.There is no way Obama,with his lack of experience,and shabby resume' beats Hillary Clinton in the primary as a white man.There is no way a white man overcomes his shameful political affiliations to win the presidency.A white man who sat under the white equivalent of a rev.Wright for 20 years and attended the white equivalent of Obama's church would have had to drop out of the race and apologize to clowns like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on tv and radio for a year.Black people voted for him because he was black.

White people voted for him because a brilliant marketing strategy convinced them that they were voting to end racism.The most despicable part of their strategy was dragging in a great man who is not alive to defend himself.Ironically,Dr. King's own family members say he was a Republican and therefore would've been political rivals with Obama.Yet I saw a repulsive commercial on BET where Dr.King is seen holding a small child at an Obama speech smiling as if to imply that what he had worked for had suddenly came to pass.

Using the name of Martin Luther King jr. to promote Obama is kind of like when rappers that 2pac had feuds with make songs with him after he is dead.It is truly abominable.Now I admit I went to public school so perhaps I just dont get it.But the way I see it,to claim that Obama's victory fulfilled Dr. Kings dream would be like saying that someone who went to hell fulfilled Jesus'.He is the antithesis of what MLK stood for.

Americans have become not blind to but obsessed with race all over again.Anyone who has been paying attention knows that.So to quote Langston Hughes famous poem:

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?
I believe this is all going to blow up right in our faces.

~Andre' Antwan is a black conservative writer an rap/soul artist that is happily married with kids."


Anonymous said...

Another outstanding post !
Thank You.

I have to wonder if Obama, who borrowed so much from him for his own inauguration, knows Abe Lincoln was a Republican.

SB Smith

Anonymous said...

You sound bitter and hateful. Not shocking coming from the intellectually bankrupt right...

Anonymous said...

intellectually bankrupt...hmmm. you cannot even think of your own thoughts you have to spew the party line when challenged. I didn't hear any bitterness this was a clear thoughtful post. Oh and you have to hide behind anonymity. Nice!


Peter Alcantara

Anonymous said...

If you watched the democratic side of the primaries closer, you would know that blacks did not run to Obama from the beginning. It came down to issues. Issues that you obviously feel differently about. Issues like improving America's regard in the world, stopping torture, equality in the work place, ending the Iraq war. Obama had to work hard to win. Get over yourself. Now, if you ask me, Steele was elected as the chair of the RNC because he is black! The same stupid tactic that McCain used when he chose Palin because she was a female. It did not work then and it will not work now. Republicans are bankrupt on new ideas. Other than promoting tax cuts and being against abortion, what can you say for yourselves? Bush failed you, he failed this country and it will take a whole lot more than choosing a black man to run the party and putting a woman on the ticket, to change the direction this country is headed in.