Thursday, January 22, 2009

By Lenny McAllister

Around this time every year, I find myself reflecting on past accomplishments, events, and resolutions. And although I will not smash my face into a cake on live TV like one of your favorite Fox News Rising personalities

(, I will discuss something that many people find more delightful.

January 12th started the last business week under the leadership of President George W. Bush. He provides a powerful presidential contrast, symbolizing the political apathy, military controversies, and economic crisis of the last 8 years just as this generation's most exciting politician is set to replace him in office.

Many will point to different breakdowns within the Bush Administration. However, the principle failure - in my humble opinion - is the crumbling of confidence in the White House as a source of leadership.

From jokes about his public speaking skills to his way of "cowboying" issues, Bush endeared himself to some Americans as the meat-and-potatoes Commander-in-Chief, but more embraced Bush as the politician they love to hate. Some presidents have had confetti tossed at them. All presidents have insults hurled at them. Only 1 president has had 2 shoes thrown at him.

Encumbered with high disapproval ratings, Mr. Bush now sees his legacy dovetail with the promise of a man that many claim can be one of the best presidents in history.

Even the expression, "one man's trash is another man's treasure," applies to W. After economic uncertainty due to 9/11, Bush introduced tax cuts as a business stimulus and was criticized for simply pandering to the rich. When he increased government spending, his party said he betrayed their values and withdrew support. Now with President-elect Obama proposing a stimulus package that includes both $300 billion in tax cuts and billions more in spending, many commend the need for such a package during these trying economic times. Huh?

It points to this: national leadership is more than legislative logic or policy. It's about presidential confidence, a resource currently in deep recession - one that Mr. Obama must improve once Mr. Bush completes his final week in office. I'm Lenny McAllister...working with FOX Charlotte to help bring politics back to the people.

Lenny McAllister is a political contributor to and writes for AOL Black Voices and The and appears on "Fox News Rising" every Monday in Charlotte, NC.

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