Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Black Republican Resigns from DC Black Republican Counsil

Jabriel Ballentine a board member of the DC Black Republican Council has resigned saying in a letter :

The DC Republican Committee (DCRC) has proven itself not only ineffective but also apathetic to the needs of an inner-city, predominantly Black community. Through my own rebuffed efforts and from knowledge of similar expressions of others, these sentiments have been confirmed. The DCRC remains more of a “members-only” city club that seems to prefer its exclusivity to actual political organizing.

The Letter goes on to say:

I am leaving the party, but not the Party. I am and will remain true to the principles of Frederick Douglass, Charles Sumner and others. And should the DCGOP come to remember those principles, commit to their application, and refrain from exclusivity I will eagerly work to be of use to the party. In the meantime, I must seek out and join with those who are serious about the work of political organizing and upliftment to more than just a chosen few. As such, I am resigning my membership in the DC Republican Committee effective immediately.

To read the entire letter please go here: http://chocolatecitydefender.com/

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