Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The moderate Republican columnist argues that the GOP has gone too far to the right:

"In 1988, the Democratic Party got it
s proverbial head handed to them in the selection of Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen. The overwhelming rejection of their ticket caused their party to re-evaluate how they pick candidates, and more importantly, how future Democratic campaigns would communicate to the American people. The result of this lesson was the emergence of the Democratic Leadership Council to leadership positions in the party and a win for Bill Clinton in 1992. Today, Republicans face the same fork in the road. On November 4th, we are going to lose BIG time. Not only are we going to lose the Presidency but we are also going to lose the ability to filibuster in the United States Senate. This is my biggest fear because this means that there will effectively be no checks and balances in the policy agendas of the White House for at least two years."

He adds: "In order for our party to become relevant in future elections, moderate Republicans have to take back our G.O.P. from the social conservative branch. The Democratic Leadership Council was able to wrestle control from the liberals and presented centrist policies to the voters in 1992. We need to follow their example and re-establish our Republican foundations. Instead of promoting fear, we should get back to communicating the need for individual freedom and responsibility. Instead of expecting government to bailout bad decisions of corporate greed, we should return to expecting fiscal responsibility from government.

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Anonymous said...

The cure for the disease that sickens the Republican Party will be fixed with a nice big spoon full of OBAMA/PALOSI/REED and their Socialism. Give the Democrats 2 years of full control guarantees they will f#$% it up and we'll get the senate and house back in 2010. Thank you GWB for the last 8 Years I hope history will remember you better than I will. SBM