Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Those Wise And Crafty White Folks

-The Black Informant

“Everyone here is talking about how it’s not a coincidence that the verdict comes 13 years to the day” after the verdict in the murder trial. “These jurors wanted payback, and they were going to have the payback to the day. That seems to be the prevailing view out in Watts.”

(source: LA Times)

So let me get this straight–Somehow White folks were able to orchestrate and execute a plan that

#1 convinced O.J. to break into someone’s hotel and hold them hostage.

#2 Orchestrate the timing TO THE DAY when O.J. would be tried and sentenced.

#3 Ensure that he got the ‘guilty’ verdict.

#4 Made sure the verdict took place 13 years to the day. Wow! Now THAT’S power.

Man! If we could only project that level of perceived wisdom on ourselves, we would be a lot further along.

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