Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Star Wants Your Vote

This is a fictional speech that one of our contributors imagined giving if she were a politician.

Local Politician Sonskystar gave a speech in front of Any Town U.S.A. today. Here’s a copy of her words:

Hello, Everyone. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s go. I know this is usually the part where I throw out names and Thank You’s but I think we have more important issues to discuss. So for all the assistance I’ve garnered along the way, Thank You.

Now, I know you are surprised to see a Black Woman running as a Republican. And I know people will try to scare you about me. But this is not the time to let their tactics interfere with your future. I’m not asking for your vote. I’m asking for your ear, a little of your time, and eventually your success.

The Civil Rights movement in this country came at a high cost. We lost some of the bravest most dedicated Americans to ever grace this country. But their fight was not in vein. Some would try to tell you we are in the same fight now. I beg to differ. We are in a new age. And we need a new movement, a Hip Hop Movement.

We can not overlook tragedies from the past. We can not act as though slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation never existed. But we can refuse to let it control our futures. We can give honor and respect to those who came before us, but that can not cause us to stand idle like the battlefield hasn’t changed. We must stand and say Thank You Dr. King, Malcolm X, and all the rest but this is our time to pick up where you left off. You gave us the level playing field and now we have to take advantage of your sacrifices.

If you’re listening right now and thinking to yourself, ‘You know she doesn’t sound like your average politician.’ You are right. I am not. See most politicians would come out and make you every promise under the sun. You give them a problem, they come up with a promise for a solution.

The lower class and lower middle class have given our votes to the Democrats for years. What have they done for you? Have your communities gotten cleaner or safer? Have your schools gotten better? Are there more after school programs and assistance towards getting into college. And I’m not talking about paying for college. I’m talking wanting to go to college. What’s the use of throwing money at people, if they don’t have the skills to make it in college because they weren’t taught properly in public schools.

Okay, now she’s starting to sound like a politician. I’m not finished yet. This will shock you. I will not make you any promises. I’m not going to stand here, pull out my book of magic spells, my wand, and whip up all the change we need. It doesn’t work that way. My plans will fail if I can’t get you to fight with me.

The Democrats want to give you. And that sounds great. But what happens when the funding runs out? What happens when they deem the program unworkable. The promises made by Politicians fade and bureaucracy flourishes. And you are left with the same old problems, this time compiled with dashed hopes and dreams.

What I offer is priceless. I offer self sufficiency. I don’t want to give you fish, I want to teach you to be fisherman. I want to give you the power to take care of yourself and your community, no matter how the wind blows in Washington. I want to take away the promises and replace them with actual results.

I think most Politicians get into office and forget their role. They get into office and start to think they know best. I’m not that smug. If one single person had all the answers, we wouldn’t have any problems. As your elected official, my job would be to give you every tool available to do it by yourself. And to fight anyone that impedes on your progress. I mean anyone. Because I know my success will only come when you are first successful.

Real change comes with a price tag attached for everyone. I can not bring change. That’s one promise I will make you. I can not do it. But you can. You can decide to stand up and fight. Because the fight of our time is coming. And you’ve already taken the first step.

In just listening to another point of view. Just giving me the chance to show you, I understand. I grew up in a rural community where Confederate Flags still waved from flag poles. Then I lived in the projects with my single mother. I know the struggles are real and seem insurmountable but they aren’t. Did you hear me? If we all get together and start taking one step at a time, we can crush what seems to be an ever present road block.

That’s how the Civil Rights movement started. Single acts from brave Americans. Before there were large marches, there were small marches. Before there were recognizable names, there were people fighting. Before there was light at the end of the tunnel, there was a dream.

So when they tell you, ‘She’s a Republican. She’s an Uncle Tom. A trader to her race because she sides with ‘Whitey’. Then you say, ‘I have white friends and family. What’s wrong with loving all Americans not just those with the same skin color?’ So when they bring up things from the past, you question how that will get you into the future.

Guess what? You have started to pile stones onto your foundation. And that’s how it starts. A few brave Americans deciding to longer go with the status quo. A few brave Americans willing to stand up when everyone wants them to fail and say I’m still going to fight.

And the change starts to come. Little changes to fix little problems, making the bigger problems seem less threatening. And we have some major problems that need fixing.

Communication is our major barrier. We have so many people pointing to the past. And hell, in some cases the right here and now. But you don’t hear a way out. A real way towards self sufficiency. Now I could point fingers but what would that solve. Nothing. We would still be in this downward slide with more weight dragging us down.

To see the whole speech please go to http://whydidyousaythatgirl.com/

~Star is a contributor to this blog she is 27 year old Republican from Virginia. She has her own blog also at whydidyousaythatgirl.com.

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