Friday, October 03, 2008

A Responce to Jeremy

~This is a written response from a prominent African American Republican to an African American liberal who questioned her "blackness" for supporting Sen. John McCain. This is her response to a guy we will here at HipHopRepublican call Jeremy.

First…Here’s what Jeremy wrote.

Jeremy wrote at 3:36pm (Tuesday, Sept. 30)

“Black Republican!!!! what a shame.... Whats so weird about a kid, a white kid especially singing about her future president and the changes he will make to better her education and her future? Are you that out of touch with whats happening these days or just stupid like your good ole friend John? Who would ever want to take a backseat in having a part of making history? When your kids grow up and read about it in their history books, please let them know what side you were playing on. Ya digg? O yeah, dis is real life, not a publicity stunt. So tell Sara Palin, that chick who can see Russia from her backyard, to sit her dumb ass down...”

A Response to Jeremy

I’m thankful for all who came to my defense, but there is a bigger issue here that some people have already pointed out. Besides the fact that Jeremy unnecessarily picked a public fight with me; besides the fact that he called me stupid yet used horrible grammar in his answer; besides the fact that he used the term “chick” as a derogatory term towards Gov. Palin; besides the fact that it is indeed creepy to have children singing about another man—not religion but another man when they aren’t even old enough to vote; besides all of that…He accused me of taking a backseat in making history.

So, now I have a question for Jeremy. How am I taking a backseat to history when I am indeed helping to MAKE history?! What is Jeremy doing to affect this election? Where is his volunteer work? What issues has he spoken out on? Is he registering people to vote? If he is, that’s great, but I have spent my entire college career, professional career, and even part of my high school career devoted to these public services, and no matter what side of the political spectrum, I’m fighting on, it is indeed making history—Republican or Democrat just as many others citizens in America are.

I won’t attack Jeremy for being a Democrat or for voting for Barack Obama because the beauty of America is that we can vote as we choose, but how can he as an African-American attack another African-American for having the audacity to think for herself? The notion that I am stupid because I don’t follow “lock and step” in-line with Obama simply because we have similar levels of pigment and melanin in our skin is outrageous. Jeremy assumes that all African-Americans are supposed to not only support one party but that we are all supposed to blindly support one man, and he calls ME STUPID?? Jeremy has not given thought to the fact that just like Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and other minority groups, African-Americans are all born in to different environments. We are raised in various ways and by different people. We have various religious affiliations. We have various influences on life. We pursue various professional careers. With all these various backgrounds, how can Jeremy think that we would not have various approaches to politics as well? Jeremy, you’ve assumed otherwise, so not only is your assumption racist, chauvinistic, and prejudiced, but it is STUPID.

Furthermore, I don’t attack you for supporting Obama, but I DARE you to give me 10 good reasons for supporting him for which I can’t find 10 or 20 more for supporting McCain. I KNOW why I’m a Republican, and it’s NOT based on my gender or race. It’s based on the issues. You seem to only know you’re a Democrat because of the color of skin you were born with. You support a man for the most powerful position in the world who hasn’t even served a full U.S. Senate term, and in the few years that he HAS served, has spent the time running for President or campaigning in the ‘06 mid-term elections, BUT I’M STUPID? You support a man whose record is so short that we have to go back to his days in the Illinois State Senate where he voted “present” instead of “yes” or “no” on key issues because he didn’t want to be controversial, BUT I’M STUPID? You support a man who thinks that inflating your tires will solve the energy crisis, BUT I’M STUPID? You support a man who thinks it’s okay to sit down and chat with the President of Iran who won’t even acknowledge that the Holocaust happened, BUT I’M STUPID? You support a man who was perfectly fine to allow partial birth abortion and is pro-choice , yet the majority of babies who are aborted are African-American, BUT I’M STUPID? You might want to get some more talking points. Again, you have the right to vote for whom you wish, but you need more of a reason than: “He’s black, and I’m black, too."

You attacked my “blackness” without regard to my fights for civil rights of blacks and of women. You attacked my “blackness” without regard to the fact that I helped put on the first black history program in the history of Wynne High School and was threatened by the Ku Klux Klan for doing so. You attacked my “blackness” without regard to my fight for scholarships for underprivileged African-American students in AR. You attacked my “blackness” without regard to the fact that each and every day I am the only African-American representing my company whether in the office, on a speaking engagement or in the media. I fight stereotypes EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE, and do it with a smile: hoping that if I can do my best, not only will I make it, but other young African-Americans, women, and young people from all backgrounds can have the hope of making it, too. I wasn’t given anything. I earned what I have from a humble background in rural AR, so the next time you want to challenge my “blackness” and my intelligence, I suggest you take your cowardly finger and point it back at your tired, weak, chest.


Craig and Nell said...

That was the most flowing and elegant response to ignorance I have ever read. Kudos to you and your independent thinking. Outstanding!

CD in NC

Drew D. said...

I totally agree with Craig & Nell. Your composure and intelligence illustrated throughout your response was the best way to make Jeremy the STUPID one. Instead of castrating him for his ignorance and blind following of the Democratic party (which would have been justifiable) you laid out your case elequently and accurately. You are an excellent example of how different a conservative and liberal argue. The liberal just gets mad, rants about nonsense, and uses homonyms as a weapon. The conservative analyzes the situation, presents the facts, and actually thinks. Liberals never do this because they HAVE no facts, and when presented with them they retaliate. This is because they KNOW they are wrong, and they know the facts contradict everything they blindly follow. I admire all your civil rights work, and I solute you on being independent in the face of people like Jeremy. It is people like Jeremy that have given the African-American community a bad name in the eyes of all too many conservatives.

I am not saying that the bulk of white conservatives are racist, quite the contrary. I am not a racist either, but admit that I have become agitated with the reasons African-Americans are voting Obama. I am even more agitated with their utter contempt for anyone (like you) who chooses to think independently for a change. You seem to be agitated by this as well and rightfully so. As you pointed out, you and I have a LIST of reasons we support Mccain. But if you ask a person like Jeremy, they vote based on having the same "pigment and melanin" as you so greatly put it. This in combination with buying the liberal propaganda fed to them makes people like Jeremy act like they do. It is appalling and an example of the ignorance that seems to be far too prevelant across the board in America. Just keep thinking independently and stay informed as you clearly are, and you will always win out. Take care

Anonymous said...

Sorry for some of the typos!

Their = They're
inn= in

I'm sure there are some other ones too...i apologize,,I was typing fast!

Anonymous said...

That was EXCELLENT!!

Spook said...

Drew d
to say people like Jeremy give the African-American community a bad name" is either a Tom thing to say if said by a Black Man or racist if said by a white man. So I guess our "cyber Host" is a credit to the Black Race in your ideals?

And I'm not even going to get into the history of conservatism in America as it relates to the Black Community. But I will say this, I'm not the biggest Obama supporter, but the McCain who first ran against Bush is not the McCain of today. Yea I cut him some slack for voting against the MLK Holiday. But the Bob Jones visit( remember he criticized Bush for campaigning there eight years ago) to endorse George Wallace Jr. Speaks volumes. And his stumbling around the debate didn't help as well as who he picked for V.P. Truly scary.

My beef with Black republicans is that they walk around the "grand" old party with a see no evil, speak no evil, see no evil philosophy, we just so happy to be allowed in the room. The only Black republican that has stood for any thing was Colin Powel( who I liked) and we see what happen to him when he stepped of the plantation, uhm excuse the pun.