Friday, October 31, 2008

Quote of the Day

Destiny’s Child wrote a song that became a hit in 1998 called "Independent Woman." The lyrics were,

.... The shoes on my feet / I've bought it
.... The clothes I'm wearing / I've bought it
.... The rock I'm rockin' / 'Cause I depend on me
.... If I wanted the watch you're wearin', I'll buy it
.... The house I live in / I've bought it
.... The car I'm driving / I've bought it
.... I depend on me (I depend on me)

But the reality is quite different for many Americans. It might go something like this:

.... The house I live in / Government bought it
.... The health care I'm receivin' / Government bought it
.... The education I'm gettin' / Government bought it
.... I depend on government (I depend on government)

In a society where less than 5% of black Americans own their own businesses, where merely 3% of black Americans have savings of any significance, and where 60% of them are employed by their government, perhaps the song should have been called "Dependent Citizen" rather than "Independent Woman."

~ Black Libertarians


Bianca said...

Lame on so many levels

James said...

Those are tragic statistics.