Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain Supporters Policing Their Own Camp

A group of McCain supporters confronts another group of McCain supporters peddling the “Obama’s a Muslim” smear. Good for them.

All I can say is this is whats wrong with our party there are the rationalist and the crazies. There is radical Islam but most Muslims are not affiliated with it. This reminds me some years ago when I counter protested a group of Islamist near the Trade Center here in NYC, while I was giving out signs a Republican guy who held tons of anti Islamic posters came and joined us. What he did not know was that there were Muslims at the counter rally to counter the radicals. Not knowing this the guy started screaming the most vile things againts that faith. I quickly walked over to him and asked him ever so polietly to shut the fuck up! This is what Colin Powell was referring to when he endorsed Obama.


brad said...

Too bad there aren't more Republicans fighting their evil brethren.

This is why so many people don't like the Republicans.

Frankly, isn't this like something out of the 1950s? Oh, that's right. The Republicans believe in Voter Intimidation as part of their Southern Strategy!

Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting the intolerant ones! They can make their own party and make it like other far right parties like the British National Party or the National Front.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you these slick slimeballs may have been impostors, probably paid by the DNC, union or a Democrat 527. They sure had no passion nor any answers to expand or defend their views. Take a close look at it: slick bumpersticker art; Perfectly made signs. Highly offensive iconography. Matching red shirts. igns. No names. No identifying affiliating organization. No answers to the confrontation. No tract publication handout to promote their squirrelly ideas. These people had never thought about what they were promoting. They were completely empty of arguments or ideas they claimed to be supporting. They were there creating empty symbolism of highly offensive things staged to be associated with McCain, and the got called on it, and they caved, and they folded, refused to identify themselves and then they walked. Fanatic or paranoid religious assholes don't do that. Former Kansas Democrat Party head and Al Gore supporter Fred Phelps is a perfect example of that. The working class twits in this video were total frauds. What you have here is a Democrat disinformation operation busted by honest Americans supporting John McCain. Watch it again and see if I'm right. See for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Her poster says "Issues Matter"...a standard Democratic Party buzz-word.

These jerk-offs ARE impostors!

Anonymous said...

They are Republican..I am willing to bet my life on it. The party does have folks in it who can not distinguish between jihadist and the Muslim shopping next to them in the grocery store. I believe there is a debate on youtube between Dinesh D'souza and Robert Spencer on this very issue. Its a great debate because both men are very intelligent and come from this from very different perspectives I however agree with Dinesh.

Anonymous said...

And what is the problem if Obama is a Muslim? What is wrong with that? I would vote for him even if he is a Muslim, I wouldn't vote for him as a Socialist, Which I think he is. SBM

LITE said...

LoL @ the thought that those "slick slimeballs may have been impostors, probably paid by the DNC, union or a Democrat."

It's about time that McCain & Palin address the issues of race and religion much like Obama did in Philly.

Obama was criticized for sitting before Rev. Wright...McCain and Palin stand before people yelling 'kill Obama,' 'he's a muslim,' 'he's arab' and etc..they need to address these issues, it might actually help their sorry campaign.

Bakes said...

Great... maybe they'll start policing Republican 'voter fraud' too. The silence from outraged Republicans, particularly the McHypocrites... is deafening.,0,3842357.story

Anonymous said...

"BAKES" what about the hundreds of frauds by ACORN..committed every year before this we need a real huge invetigation!!

Bakes said...

Anonymous... what "hundreds of frauds". Don't drink the Kool-Aid my friend, do the research yourself. In the history of voter fraud there've only been a reported 4 cases that went to trial.

None of these "voters" who were registered will show up at the polls. 'Fake people' can't vote. Dead people can't vote, babies can't vote, Mickey Mouse can't vote. There is no "voter fraud"... be a little more intellectually curious than that... think about it. You need ID in order to vote, no? Mind you, not a Driver's License, that's a different issue... but you need some piece of identification.

ACORN hired help from the community to register voters... that help then hustled ACORN. ACORN was defrauded and it was ACORN who took the issue to the authorities.

How is ACORN the bad guy in this??

Anyways, if you want to read more of my thoughts on the ACORN issue you can follow my profile to my's copied from something I posted here on HHR.