Saturday, October 18, 2008 partners with Opposing Views

Just an update everyone we are in the process of building our new website HipHopRepublican 2.0, we hope to have the site launched in a few weeks. In the meantime please help donate to the site if you are able there is a paypal link on the sidebar. The new site will feature contributors on every major subject event food and sports. Claudio Simpkins a contributor to and has a great article live on Fox Forum this morning. It will be the featured piece for the weekend and will continue to run on the front page for the majority of next week. is partnering with
Opposing Views to write articles that deal with issues like race, religion and poverty. Our contributors like Claudio will provide them a diverse pool of opinions for there reading audience. The latest article is being carried by both Opposing Views and Fox News. The link to read the latest is here. We would like to thank Nathan Slavik for reaching out to us and providing us a platform for pursing our mission of intellectual diversity.

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