Sunday, October 19, 2008 in Le Parisien French Publication

This blog did an hour long interview with one of Frances hippest young jounalist Pascal Giberné, Pascal is a French journalist based in New York working for the french daily newspaper Le Parisien. He asked if he could do a story about black republicans. There is only one problem I do not read French so please if you do let us know what was said.


jcheney said...

The article you show on your web page isn't the exact article. The real article is buried. The title is:

Richard, 30 ans, Noir et… pro-McCain

Try this to get there:

Getting to the actually article will make it easier to translate.

James said...

If you still haven't gotten this article translated - I'd be happy to look it through. I could have it probably sometime Friday evening.

J. Huang.

James said...

As promised:

Title: "Richard, 30 Years Old, Black and... pro-McCain"
By: Pascal Giberne
Translation by: J. Huang
Date: Oct. 16, 2008 7 am

In America today, to be Black is also a struggle at all times. Add to that the fact that to be Republican, therefore against Barack Obama, and life becomes even more complicated. Originally from Arlington, VA, Richard Ivory makes up 10% of African Americans who are members of the Republican Party, John McCain's party. Creator of the blog,, he receives death threats and other insults in his email inbox. This hasn't stopped. In the streets of New York, people shout violently when he declares his support for the Republican candidate. More surprising, some White Democrats displaying proudly their "Obama '08" pins treat him as a "dirty black man."

What to say then about the reactions of the Black American community, altogether Democrat and all entirely devoted to the case of the Illinois senator? "At the beginning, they were really angry," admits Richard Ivory. "But people within the African American community respect you if you defend your point with passion. They don't agree with you, but they respect you."

"I want them to open their eyes"

Having grown up in a family where politics never had a place, Ivory has truly developed a political conscience following the events of September 11, 2001. He was 23 years old, and he was seduced by the Republican Party ideas. "It asks the individual to exist with the help of the government, that is the very symbol of the American dream," states Richard, who works for a shelter for the homeless and drug addicts. "The Democrat Party, in their desire to help people, prevent them from advancing. They end up depending too much on the government, that robs them of all will, all desire." Thanks to his blog created 4 years ago, he fights to change the false perception of the Republican Party. "A large white majority, that's true. But it isn't a racist party. It's a rural party."

But Richard doesn't apologize for criticizing his own party when he has to. "I want them to open their eyes. I was invited to the Republican Convention last August, and I could meet the militants and talk to them."

Did he feel used by this conservative party? "At least it's not me who uses them," says Richard smiling. Perhaps in depicting his strong convictions and admiration for John McCain, Richard confesses being seduced by Obama. "I like Barack Obama, I'm proud of him. But that doesn't prevent me from voting who I want to vote for. My heart loves Barack, but my mind votes for McCain."