Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is West Virginia Racist? receives hundreds of emails a month this is one from a distressed West Virginia resident who belives the media is portaying his state as racist for not support Obama. Here is the email and teh article he wants everyone to read.


My home state has taken a beaten lately by the national media, portraying most (if not all) white West Virginia residents as racist. This editorial appeared in the Daily Mail (the state's more conservative paper) today:

As a person that is tired of WV's racist stereotype I appreciated the conclusion: "But the tour came out sounding like "Vote for Obama to prove you're not a racist." It would have been more to the point to talk about Democrats' real problem here, which is the "L" word, not the "N" word.West Virginians didn't go for liberal Al Gore in 2000, or for liberal John Kerry in 2004. Maybe they just don't like the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, which doesn't seem to think very much of them either."

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