Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gay Republicans


Anonymous said...

I'm a lesbian republican. I think that it will always be important to pursue civil liberties. However to simply side with one party over another because of a single issue, would disable me from being AMERICAN. One must realize that the only concrete thing I explicitly share with the people of the United States is that I AM A CITIZEN of the USA! So when I vote I must believe AMERICA FIRST! AMERICA FIRST means national security, the capitalist free-market economy, the constitution, and things that strength AMERICA as a nation first. When these ideas are addressed, Americans are in a better position for SOCIAL change. When we as a nation are not secure in our daily lives, there is little to concern us. That is why when 9/11 occurred the shades of gray that walked up and down the streets of NYC wiped out the discrimination. In that moment, WE WERE AMERICANS. If I vote based on being FILIPINO, LESBIAN, CALIFORNIAN, IMMIGRANT, WOMAN, CATHOLIC... I am choosing to ignore those who don't share my beliefs. So all I know and my sentiment shows allegiance to must be IN AMERICA I TRUST.

When the election has come and gone, I hope more people will remember the one thing we all share. WE ARE AMERICANS.

uptownsteve said...


Sounds nice but some of us "Americans" have not always been able to enjoy first class citizenship because of our race, gender, or sexual orientation.

How can you support a party that doesn't even consider you a first classed citizen deserving of the same rights as everyone else?

Kriss said...

If you and the majority of this country really believe that civil liberties are just little issues that can be ignored then I now understand why I feel so many in this country are stupid. Civil liberties are RIGHTS that cannot be given up or put on the back burner for national security or the capitalist free-market economy or anything else.

Gay republicans (and to a certain extent Black republicans) intrigue me when they use this "we're trying to change the party from within" motto. The base of your party, the party your VP candidate excites, not only hates you but wants nothing to do with you. Sure, that's not all republicans but it's a good number of them. It's kinda like a group of black people joining the KKK to change the direction of that group.

I respect what the republicans in the video were doing, but to me it seems a little futile. That might pass in NY or Cali...but I'd be interested in seeing that in Georgia or some other deep south state with the evangelical base.

Anonymous said...

When one is stripped of the security of COUNTRY first, then everyone's civil liberties are stripped. If you are stripped of your right to speak, the color of your skin and orientation of your sex is MOOT. If you are stripped of your right to gather, your thoughts cannot be validated and your ideas cannot be shared. Before we can argue topics of right and wrong, we must first secure those simple liberties. When we begin "TO PARSE" those liberties, we become divisive. How can anyone come to understand when we lose the ability to discuss? My best arguments are not made with IN YOUR FACE, FASCIST tactics. When you bully your beliefs, you are seen not as what you believe, but in the fact that you are a BULLY. The same people that can critique my lifestyle and question my conservatism are the same people that think Sarah Palin is an ATROCIOUS EXAMPLE OF A WOMAN... In that ideology... you strip away her success as a woman and replace the tag of "successful woman" with "pro-life, evangelical, hate monger". It doesn't matter that she has a friend who is gay... It doesn't matter that she passed a law to recognize same sex partner benefits... When we strip ourselves of WHAT WE SHARE, to expose HOW WE DIFFER... We are pandering and begging for validation through BULLY STYLE EFFORTS... The irony to all of this is that MOST DEMOCRATS OPPOSE WAR because they believe that the FORCEFUL imposition of military his wrong... But democrats want to believe the only way to get change is to FORCE people to change... Think about that for a moment. You know why Ellen Degeneres is great...She's non-threatening... And when she did finally come out on television and to the world... was it political or personal? See whether you hated that show or loved it... The one thing I knew was that it was personal. Then a few years later.. Her talk show... again... when she speaks about gay rights issues... it's personal, not political. They play off each other, but her sincerity is from within (personal), not from without (political)...

I have many friends and acquaintances that know and don't know I'm gay... It's not my first priority to put them on the spot and accept my sexuality.

Why are we so caught up in portraying the fringes of myself first and foremost?

Why be burdened by the details before you see the glory of the full frame canvas?

If the view of one's self is so myopic that one believes that all he/she offers is a singular element of a multifaceted true self, then I feel sorry for them.

Did Ellen think she was JUST GAY?
Did Martin Luther King Jr believe he was JUST BLACK?
Do you believe that you are JUST DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN?

We are so much more than the differences. I've learned and taught and observed more with slight oppression than I ever will by overt antagonism.

Antagonism begets agitation, not true understanding or acceptance.

Antagonism begets reaction, instead of awareness.

I've lived 36 years... In all those years, I've never stopped dressing or looking more boyish than girlish. So in a lot of respects... all of those people can make their guesses of my sexual orientation... But I truly hope in my relations, that I never was OVERTLY SEXUAL FIRST...

I'm Filipino.. So I can't help being OVERTLY BROWN.

You know I admire Sarah Palin as a strong, family oriented, successful woman. We share similar values with respect to being Pro-Life, family and Christian. I value and admire her success as a woman of strength. And although we may never agree on "marriage", I would be remiss in failing to see her perseverance and fortitude.

I don't ask you to understand me or accept me.

Does it hurt my feelings when people don't understand me? yeah... but have I given them an opportunity to understand me?

You can believe what you believe... Just because a party can pander to my fringe identity, doesn't mean that they can win me over.

I have to say being brown is different... But I don't want to be pandered to because of my color neither.

By the way... read "UNFOUNDED LOYALTY" by Wayne Perryman... Clinton was a lot of talk, but sometimes he didn't walk on the side of Black America. It is an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

This party and nation is for "Christ and his Kingdom". The homosexual agenda stands against "the Kingdom of God" and this nations Christan heritage. As a Christian I can not in good conscience tolerate gays destroying this nation. We have to make both parties Democrat and Republican tools for spreading the gospel around the world.This is a Christian nation founded by Christians not homosexuals. The Log Cabin group is a dangerous organization in this party. The church must work to stamp out all sexual immorality gay or straight. I know many straight young Republicans not living a life pleasing to God. This is a path for righteousness and that includes straights as well as gays. Straight people who engage in wicked acts should also come under the lords wrath. The biggest sinners are straight people and we need to fix both groups.

Anonymous said...

"Did Ellen think she was JUST GAY?
Did Martin Luther King Jr believe he was JUST BLACK?"

re: ellen, no, she doesn't think of herself as just gay, but she speaks out about her constitutional rights and who she won't support i.e. her commentary on sarah palin the other day:

and no, king wasn't just black but he spoke out against segregation, discrimination, racism, inequality, and poverty. along with the SCLC he fought for legislative changes and was party of a movement that ended up helping the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 get passed as federal laws. He rejected the Republican Party, on record, in 1964, for running Barry Goldwater who (as a libertarian) opposed the '64 CRA on the basis that equal rights on the basis of race wasn't constitutionally protected... i.e. the federal government should NOT have to protect against discrimination because it should be something "in the hearts and minds of men"... Goldwater wasn't a racist, but running on a platform of states rights and anti-civil rights legislation is pretty appealing to racists and bigots. So they joined the GOP in droves (check the '64 election map). Unsurprisingly, 94% of black voters didn't support him. And within the party black Republicans (who remained Republican) refused to vote for any candidate (most wrote in Rockefeller or Scranton).

As an aside, I'm curious to anon1 (lesbian Republican)... how do you respond when you hear stuff like anon2 (homosexual agenda/log cabin republicans = dangerous)?

I'm genuinely curious, no disrespect.

uptownsteve said...

"As an aside, I'm curious to anon1 (lesbian Republican)... how do you respond when you hear stuff like anon2 (homosexual agenda/log cabin republicans = dangerous)?'

They DON'T respond and that's the problem with black and gay Republicans.

They won't stand up to the racists and homophobes that dominate their party because they will promptly be put in their place.

Their whole purpose is to be novelties.

Gay Republicans are politically anti-gay.

Black Republicans are attack dogs for the white right.

It has to be a sad existence.

Kriss said...


It's not that they don't's worse. They act like those fools are the minority when in reality those uneducated, racist, homophobes who are easily fooled and easily scared (OMGZ, Obamas is a muslim sleeper cell) are the base of the republican party. Just look at the poll that said 23% of Texans think Barack Obama is a Muslim. I'm willing to bet 95% of those 23% are republican. THAT'S THE BASE. Rush Limbaugh gets around 20 million listeners and is earning around $400 million over the next 8 years. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and all the other loony bins on the right have MAJOR followings. The number of Ann Coulter fans DWARF the number of Michael Moore fans. Why? Because they are the BASE of the republican party. That's who the republican party cater to.

This whole "I'm Pro-Life so I have to support the republican party even though their base doesn't respect me" argument is stupid. If you're pro-life you can vote democrat. Just don't have an abortion. End of discussion. You're selling your soul to a party that doesn't respect you over and issue that doesn't effect you. You're pro-life so you're not going to get an abortion no matter who gets elected. It's not like the Democrats are going to force you to get an abortion. But yet, there's a large portion of your own party who think you're an abomination to God (and don't even want to add attacks against gays as hate crimes). And that's who you support? Give me a break.

uptownsteve said...

"You're selling your soul to a party that doesn't respect you......"


But black (and Gay) Republicans aren't looking for respect.

They are trying to draw attention to themselves and get paid.

If they were merely "black" or simplly "Republican" they'd just be faces in the crowd.

But as soon as they announce they are "Black Republicans" they become novelties and commodities.

Why do you think James T. Harris had no qualms whatsoever doing the monkey for McCain and Palin on national TV.

This was his chance for fame and he wasn't gonna pass it up.

Ever since that performance he's been the darling of the rightwing talk show circuit, dishing with O'Reilly, Ingraham, Carlson etc....

No one would have paid the least bit of attention to him otherwise.

I hope he sleeps well.

Anonymous1 said...

Look Anon2...
God created me... Live with it... I'm here.

As for everyone who thinks that I am a republican because I share the same shoes and world view of Anon 2... You've got to be kidding...

Let me put it this way...

Would you DEMOCRATIC LIBERALS accept what Sandra Bernhard said in reference to Sarah Palin?

She said, paraphrasing, "If Palin sets foot in NYC, my big black brothers are gonna gang rape her."

There is a BROAD SPECTRUM of LIVES and IDEOLOGIES that we are surrounded by... By the way there's a lot of fear and hate for the unknown.

I'm not excusing Anon2's views of God and religion, but I have to respect the person. We don't need to add more hate to the world.

I don't ask for Anon2 to condone my life and who I chose to love... If Anon2 is truly religious, that person would know and trust in God's will and in His love and in His great knowledge. I have faith in Jesus and God and that transcends the pettiness of fear that runs rampant in extreme views of any belief...

By the way, some Obama supporters are extreme and hateful. The same is true of some McCain supporters...

Just like radical Muslims, they do not represent all of ISLAM...

Here's the thing... Life is about pros and cons... Life is about compromise... Life is more than being right.

The reason I don't vote Democrat and I don't side with liberal views... I am not...

So don't tell me because I'm Filipino, gay and a strong woman that I should be LIBERAL... What kind of logic is that?

If it were so easy to take all of my traits and spit out the party that is best for me... Give me a break...

I cannot speak for anyone but myself. And in the process I can only hope that you don't demean me or my intelligence simply because my priorities are so greatly different from yours...

When you choose to spite me, you are also choosing to have one less discussion and one less opportunity to learn.

Gov. Mike Huckabee had Bill Maher on his show talking about Maher's new Religiousity movie. Maher is seemingly apathetic to religion and Huckabee is deeply Christian... I think Evangelical. But they had a very interesting and civilized discussion.

There in lies the hope.

It's funny how people are like "I CAN't BELIEVE your gay and voting REPUBLICAN!!!" I say "Then you probably don't know me!"

Talk to me before you judge me.

I had a revelation once... I WANTED to live a LABEL-less existence. Where people would not label me and assume anything about me. The irony was that the more I pursued this concept, the more I WAS LABELING people.

When I realized this... I stopped labeling other people. I stopped my assumptions. I didn't let anything shock me anymore. That's when I started to GROW away from the pettiness.

I don't seek to change your mind about homosexuality. I don't seek to make you see things my way. I don't want you to disavow your views. I just want you to see me. And maybe through what you see, your heart will grow to include more than what you are comfortable with. Maybe your heart will grow to accept me. Maybe your heart will grow to accept others.

But I'm not living my life to change you...I'm living my life to GROW me! And in being, I can only hope we can all grow together...

Still voting for McCain...
Still gonna be gay
Still gonna be conservative
Still gonna believe in The AMERICAN DREAM
Still gonna be helpful
Still gonna be loving
Still gonna be Christian
Still gonna be pro-life

I don't hate you... I don't know you enough to hate you... I will disagree with some people, but hate is harsh.

Suggestion... You can't simplify the complexity of all of your experiences and your world view. So take the time to match the policies with your beliefs.

I think that is what concerns me the most about this election. People are just looking at color. A lot of people are just looking at single issues. A lot of people are JUST voting...

But how JUST is the voting when you don't know the issues?

I've studied... Have you?

Anonymous1 said...


I'm Pro-Life and Gay... I'm not voting republican because of the pro-life stance... That was only one example of where my conservatism is defined.

by the way... Abortion affects everyone. I have friends who I have emotionally supported as they made this choice. And those same friends have supported me in being gay.

That comment about Abortion doesn't affect me! Hello... I'm still a woman that is impacted by rape and all the cruelties a woman can endure. Besides, that's an awful argument by dividing on sexual orientation or even on sex. I don't believe in jail time for abortions.. But have you heard about partial birth abortions? We are more civilized in our treatment of animals than we are with a fetus.

As for why I vote republican... or even better said... I am conservative...

National Security

Highest priority... People from all over the world escape socialism, communism and oppression to find freedom in the United States... But we should never take that for granted... Freedom is only available when we can live securely.

Let's give you a simple example.... If YOU DIDN't HAVE ANY LOCKS on your door, how well would you sleep?

There's so much more than my friggin' sexual orientation!
That's the bottom line...
I don't trust the liberal views of the current Democratic leadership... I don't believe in big government. I don't believe in government intervention in every facet of our existence. Do you see how slow things are when the government creates more BUREAUCRACY? More papers to fill, more rules to adhere to...

Man.. why is it that the same folks that hated their parents sooooo friggin' much are the same people voting for te democrats? The democrats want to handle all of your money... want to limit how much money you keep from what you earned... they want to tax the heck out of people because they think that government knows better... Sounds closer to overbearing parents...