Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Debates Tonight

Hey folks was invited to watch the VP Debates with The staff at The Village Voice and to provide commentary afterwards. Tiffany Shorter and Brandon Bryce will be representing HHR at The Village Voices Debate Party tonight.They will of course the only two Republicans in the house (The Village Voice is very liberal)but we want to thank The Village Voice for extending the invitation. The debate will be with Gov. Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden and is the only Vice Presidential Debate!

Also...From Karol over at Alarming News Blog-Racism today

by Karol

Checking in to the Chelsea in Atlantic City on Friday, I looked over at a baggage cart and saw a bag with a McCain/Palin button. I turned around to see who it might belong to and behind us in line were two black girls. One saw the button at the same time I did. The conversation:

Girl 1: Is that your bag?
Girl 2: Yep.
Girl 1: Is that a Obama/Biden button?
Girl 2: Uh, no, it's a McCain/Palin button.
Girl 1: What??! How can you support them? You're a person of color! I know you don't really mean it, tell me that button is just for show!
Girl 2: I like Palin! She's a working mother!
Girl 1: Oh no, no no no, I know this is just for show, ain't no way you're supporting them. You're black!
Girl 2: Don't make this into a racial thing!

~At this point, against my better judgement and against the IC's very loud wishing that I don't turn around, I turned around and said "I should've brought my Palin t-shirt."

Girl 1: Look, she doesn't really support them. She's just doing that for show.

Girl 2: No I'm not! I love Palin!

I turned back around to IC's pleading eyes saying "please don't get involved". They continued to argue. Girl 2 lost her footing a little bit when she said "tell me you're not better off than you were 8 years ago" (sort of a bad argument to make at this moment of financial collapse even though it has near zero to do with Bush) and Girl 1 said "I'm also better off than I was 50 years ago, and even better off than when we were slaves, what's your point."

It degenerated from there but I can't even imagine the pressure black people must feel to support Barack Obama based strictly on his race. It's completely acceptable for Girl 1 to say "you're a person of color, how can you not support the black man?" in a lobby full of people. Imagine the flip side, a white person chastising another white person for daring to support the black guy. Racism may still exist, but it's not the kind we're used to. This kind is considered ok. That's a problem.


by James Davermann

I met with the Village Voice reporter last night. We ended up at some bar that was smack in the middle of a PRO OBAMA rally so that was very interesting. It was a roundtable discussion of 4 black conservatives, one of whom I was acquainted with.

She asked questions about why we chose to become republicans, what our views were on certain issues, how our families and friends responded, etc. After the debate she had us sit there and dissect McCain and Obama, and the discourse flowed pretty naturally. I also mentioned the Black Elephants during my initial interview. I showed up early so she got alot of questions out of the way for me. I let her know about the initiative we show in recruiting and cultivating young minority Republican talent.

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