Friday, October 24, 2008

The COS Communities

The COS (pronounced cause) Communities provides a place where you can ask questions, share answers and socialize with people who are seeking advice on topics that are vital to communities across the country. Come on in and get involved.

Why Participate in the COS Communities?

For the last generation or two, the world’s sense of community has dissolved and our parenting skills have broken down — this puts our young people at risk, especially young black males.

The COS Communities address critical issues Americans face all over the United States. The goal is to prepare our communities with an education and skill set that can support the success of our young people.

How did the COS Communities get their start?

Our communities began with a group of dedicated citizens that were ready and willing to deal with the serious issues that face our youth today. From three and a half years of town hall meetings hosted by Bill Cosby — Cosby Call-Outs — we learned a lot about what issues are most pressing in the United States today. We listed five issues that outline different cases where this country has lost its sense of community. We then created five communities that act as forums for you to talk and learn about each of these issues. The communities are as follows:

Get an Education/Skills
Be a Parent/Caregiver
Be Healthy
Stop Violence
Get a Job

We invite you to participate in our communities by interacting with others who share the same concerns as you. Come ask your own questions and help provide answers for others by contributing to the COS Communities today.

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