Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Changeling said...

This is utter nonsense. Why you guys keep posting this individual babbling about issues, is beyond me, but apparently, you feel as though he makes some valid points, so I'd like to address those.

Sir, your defense of John McCain voting against bills because they are supported by Democrats sounds ridiculous. And you have the audacity to call that bipartisanship??? That is completely partisan, and to vote against a bill that might be beneficial to the public to spite the opposing party is not only idiotic, but it is childish as well.

"George Bush is not in congress"...well what a revelation. If your synopsis of Obama "cultists" bringing up McCain's voting record is because they are confused as to what position each individiual actually holds, then you really need to get out of that bedroom and talk to more people. The reaon that they make that claim is because John McCain voted in support of George Bush's budget, 4 out of 5 times, and we see where that has gotten our country. Also, when he voted against additional troop funding, along with Barack Obama, and against the GI Bill, it was prior to Democrats being in the majority of need to look at the timeline and educate yourself before you post videos on the internet of you spewing inaccuracies.

Kriss said...

This site needs to decide what it wants to be. Either you all want to be legitimate site that holds a serious discourse on why you all are young conservative republicans and how you are looking to change the perception of your party…or you’re going to be like every other idiotic right wing site and continually post the internet ramblings of idiots like the one in this video who can’t seem to make logical arguments. Seriously, the last 4 videos of this guy you’ve posted have arguments that could be dismantled by a toddler. There was that one video where it talked about calling McCain “McSame” was disrespectful but then he opens up the video by calling Obama supporters…”Obama cultist”. In this video he makes it seem as though it’s Obama and Obama supporters painting John McCain as someone who voted 90% of the time with Bush(and he implies it's misleading)…when it was John McCain himself who touted that fact. Then he actually said that voting with your party (McCain voting with republicans and Obama voting with democrats) is bipartisanship. Come on. You all are smarter than to believe what he’s saying and I know you recognize the fallacies in his logic.

Look, you can be a conservative and not rely on stupid crap like this. While I don’t support McCain and don’t really understand how you can support him, I can respectfully disagree with you. The posts you do that highlight different young republicans of different ethnic backgrounds is informative. I still don’t agree with the ideology but I can respect it. But post like this one just make all the respect go out the window. You can’t post crap like this but then go crying about being called “coons” and “sellouts”.

Anonymous said...

I heard of this site from the liberal wasteland (NPR) during the republican debate.

This poster does not reflect well on republicans, black youth, or young black republicans.

Everysingle post, he sets up a flimsy strawman and procedes to knock it down. He misses the bigger point of why McCain does not want to be seen next to Bush. Bush has been an disaster that walks like a man. Aside from some on this site, McCain has realized that those who continue to support a president who has presided over this country's worst intel failure, foreign policy blunder, disaster relief, economic crisis lose credibility themselves.

Please republicpans, we need a two party system. Please get your house in order and recognize the failures of the last 8 years have been on your watch and make amends.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the video is a Democrat,He is part of the PUMA group Party Unity My Ass. They are upset because Clinton lost to Barack Obama.