Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama Supporters & Disrespect


rubenh ( said...

shames to the race.

he makes a good point.

excellent video.

Anonymous said...

You lost all your credibility on the topic of name-calling and disrespect the moment you opened your mouth and let out "Obama Cultists." Pot meet kettle. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Republican Party disrespectful behavior:

1) Barack Osama
2) OsamaBinLiden in place of Obama and Biden
3) Obama Waffles
4) That one
5) This (watch the second debate over, he also called Obama "This")
6) Palling around with terrorists
7) Obama cultists
8) Billboard featuring an Obama caricature wearing a turban

and countless other stuff. Both parties' supporters are guilty of behaving dirty and of being rude to one another. The Republicans aren't clean in this matter.

Perhaps this site will be taken a little more seriously and not be the running joke on the web when you all own up to the ugly behavior of the Republican Party and stop trying to be cute thinking that voting differently than the majority of black folks somehow meant you took the time to think about the issues while others did not. Republicans do not hold a patent on thought. We're all voting for what we THINK is in OUR best interest. Being a (D) or a (R) does not make you better or less than the next because at the end of the day you're still black.

You'll get further discussing issues and why you support McCain/Palin instead of dissing Barack and his supporters and whining about being called names.

Anonymous said...

I also meant to add to the list that your candidate, Sen. John McCain laughed when a supporter of his called Sen. Hillary Clinton a bitch. He did not denounce it or correct the guy. NOOOOOOOO, HE LAUGHED ON NATIONAL TV.

Not to mention, he called his own wife a cunt.

Now THAT's disrespectful.

AJS said...

His point concerning being respectful to those with whom you disagree would have been stronger if he had ommitted the use of the terms "Obama-cultist" and "Obama-nut" and had not referred to Barack Obama as the "lord and master" of Obama supporters. While not the same as the despicable way some people try to associate Obama with terrorism, his light-hearted jabs at Obama supporters parallels the mocking done by those clever people who say things like "John McSame."