Monday, October 13, 2008

Best rapper alive?

Emminem Haters Come Out the Closet
Eminem wins Vibe magazine's Best Rapper Alive contest, sparking a heated debate. One blogger Billy Johnson, Jr will have none of it and weighs in on Vibes decision. He has entitled his frustratiin with the deciosn as "Best Rapper Alive Competition Feels Slim Shady" . Last week Vibe magazine announced that Eminem had won its Best Rapper Alive competition, a NCAA-style tournament that pitted the "top" 64 MCs against each other. (See the list of the 64 nominees.)The online contest polled users over a 5-week period. During the first week, the 64 competing rappers were paired off and users were asked to select the best 32 artists. The second week, that group of 32 lyricists was also grouped in twos and the voters picked their favorite 16. Over the subsequent weeks, the list dwindled down to the last b-boys standing, Jay-Z and Eminem. Eminem won by a landslide of 69 percent, compared to Jay-Z's 31 percent.


Brooksley said...

No comments?? Don't Republicans listen to Hip Hop. Hard to argue with Eminem. Shakespeare of our time.

Paul Hue said...

I happen to hate rap and other forms of hip hop, any thing were black folks are behaving like idiots, celebrating violence, showy ornamentation, and raunchiness. Nor do I enjoy any "races" of people behaving that way.

But I do know quite a few white libertarian-leaning sometime-republicans professional who listen to that stuff, and know all the latest.

Also, some of my friends here in Detroit belonged to that group of rappers in the 90s from which Emenem emerged, and dramatized in the movie 8 Mile. None of them believe that Emenem was the best of their bunch, though they respect him.

Some of my friends here are still involved in the music scene here, and some are indeed rappers! I am their token right-wing freak friend.