Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quote Of The Day

"'Racial views steer some white Dem[s] away from Obama'...but I thought the racist Democrats all became Republicans during 'The age of Aquarius'. If Obama loses it will not be for black Republicans because there 'only five of us'...remember. So it would seem that it would be Democrats who turn out the lights on Obama's campaign. How strange that for years the left has told us that 'all the Dixiecrat[s]' became Republicans overnight...could this be the first proof that they never left???"

Richard Ivory of Hip Hop Republican, a black Republican blog, on a recent AP-Yahoo! poll

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Anonymous said...

Not every racist left the Democratic Party and became Republicans during the 60's. I think two that did were Jesse Helms, he never changed and Strom Thurmond. He later supported the King Holiday in 1983 I think and always got significant black support in his elections.

Democrats do have more minorities representing them in Congress, but there are bigots on both sides. Republicans now would be wise to get them out of their party.