Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quote Of The Day

"You know the savaging of Gov. Sarah Palin is really starting to tick me off....Fair is fair and folks this ain't fair! If Senator Obama was being scrutinized like this, attacked like this, taken apart like this -- the Civil Rights organizations would rightly be incensed.

Does 'NOW' stand for the National Organization of Women -- or for the 'National Organization of women who support abortion rights, support sex ed, support, gay marriage, support civil unions, support partial birth abortion, support tax increases, etc.'??? I mean somebody help me. Now they are accusing the Gov. of having had an extra-marital affair, as well as maybe even having had an abortion herself -- Good Goodness folks! What ever happened to 'sisterhood' -- where are the feminists who are supposed to stand up for the rights of all women??

Let me state this again -- I am a moderate -- 'soft [R]epublican' and I do not agree with Gov. Palin on many of her social positions. However, I agree with her on many of her reform minded, pro--energy policies for America. I like her youth (she is 3 years older than me). I like that she is a mom. I like that she is a GenXer. I like this she is from outside of Washingon, D.C. I like that she is commander-in-chief-of the Alaska National Guard. I like that she has style. I like that she is attractive and fiesty.

I like that she took on the proverbial 'boys club' and beat them back!! We need more folks like Sarah Palin in Washington, D.C. Respectfully, and for the record, what is it that John McCain, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden currently command?? Hmmmmmmmmmm...??? Which of the three has ever had executive level experience as an elected official??"

~ Sophia Nelson, moderate Republican and editor Political Intersection Blog


Anonymous said...

First, Moderate Republican?

That's like saying part time date rapist!!!

Second, "if Obama was under this type of scrutiny"...where have you been for the past year and a half?

Third, this scrutiny is apparently needed because the McCain camp didn't do it.

Maybe if she threatens Russia more I will like her. Maybe if she kills another bear we can all feel safer. Maybe if more of her kids have unprotected pre marital sex we can want to pray with her at her nutso pentecostal church!!

C'mon!! What happened to critical thinking.

BTW the Dems suck, so don't think I fall under their spell. Bad choices are bad choices no matter who makes them.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe they allow this woman to post anything online with her nonsensical points...Where do you find these people?