Friday, September 19, 2008

The Question: Can I still be Black & Republican

By Brandon Brice

For many years my argument is that blacks shouldn't blindly put all their trust in either party. They should think about their own interests rather than following black leaders and Democrats who really could care less what happens to black people as long as they get their votes and get paid. I have constantly spoken out against leaders who run towards the camera, but not towards the problem, or better yet the solution. We as members of the black community at large must focus on being pro-active. On multiple occasions I have had to defend my blackness for standing up and supporting a stance which is not popular in the black community.

My argument is that we as African Americans, especially the youth, need to stop making excuses and begin holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We need to adopt a "Tough Love" agenda and stop treating our people as victims. Frederick Douglass once said, if you think a as slave you will be a slave. My colleagues would suggest that I am forgetting about the past, and I was forgetting the struggles of black America. I would suggest that the solution is not to forget about the past, but to move forward and adapt in a society that in many respects has changed from the era of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many other past civil rights activist.

The black community’s problems of the 60's and 70's are not the same problems in the present day. We need new leadership, a new vision and new solutions or we will never move forward in this great country we call the United States of America. One of the most pressing issues in America is education, in our schools systems. We do not have an economic problem in this country as much as we have huge accounting problem. Black education's biggest problems are the un audited superintendents and the teacher's unions that in the end have proven they care less about the child's overall education but would rather enlarge there pocket books. We have to have a "tough love" approach in our communities and in our educational institutions.

~Brandon Brice is a Harlem , NY resident. This Howard University graduate was Chairman of that campus' Republican Chapter. Brandon is a long time member of the Republican Party and supporter of Republicans for Black Empowerment. You can contact Brandon at


Anonymous said...

I dont know how y'all do it. My hats are off to you for a white man, I dont catch (too much) flack from other whites about being a conservative.

My heart goes out to you and I stand in awe of your courage and steadfastness.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you can be black and republican and I agree with your view on not blindly following either party and applaud your efforts in Harlem, etc.

btw, it's I couldn't could care less NOT I could care less. Many people get this wrong but please google it for yourself.

Saw you on Hannity tonight. Great job. You are a mover and shaker dude, my hat comes off for you!