Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do Your Damn Job!

By Star

I was sitting this morning trying to relate this subject to a story. You know write some fairy tale scenerio that would cause you to relate the gravity of the situation at hand. But instead I decided to go straight out because this is not the time to be playing around.

As you know, I am against the Bail Out. I don’t think rewarding companies with a clean slate is the way to impose reform of any sector of our Country. But I am not in a position to make decisions and it seems the bill will pass; whether I agree or not.

So that makes you take a look at the people that are in power. Our Elected Officials. Now I’m not one to question Bernanke on financial policy. But I do think the Fed has a more important job than meddling in the Private Market. With a dollar already hitting lows, that’s where his focus should be.

Nor could I question Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on his knowledge of world finance. But as a citizen I do have the right to question handing him a blank check. Especially with all the bureaucracy that occurs in the United States. How much would actually make it to the banks instead of the men that got us into the position at hand?

The President of the United States George Bush gives a speech; trying to explain the need for this bail out. I watched the speech. I wasn’t impressed but I can understand the pressure on the President. With all the head money men in the country clamoring for a solution; the desire for action must be strong. He has to do some thing.

Every member of Congress. Not just those who don’t have a national campaign to run. Every Member of Congress should be doing their jobs.

When John McCain annouced he would be suspending his campaign to go to Washington, of course I thought Political ploy. But when Barack Obama came out and said that he had people there to handle the situation for him, it hit me. Who are you working for?

Both Senators had a chance to give up their Senate seat before campaigning began. They both choose to remain Senators. They both are still getting paid by the American People to do a job. This is the time to do your damn job or sign your paycheck back to the people of your state. They did not elect you to have Harry Reid tell you what’s best. Or Nancy Pelosi to let you know every thing is good. The People elected you to be on the Senate floor fighting for them.

If this is the Pearl Harbor of our Economy, then you are supposed to be using your big stick; not listening to second hand reports of the situation. Just imagine if Bush were in Saudi Arabia when this crisis hit and he told the American People, “I got people to handle that for me. I’m going to continue my business here and if I’m needed to sign a bill; I’ll catch a plane.”

The Democrats would lose their damn minds. He’s over there with his friends the Saudi’s instead of here taking care of the American People. Well, here’s a thought. Barack Obama, we have a President. You may not like him but that is irrelevant. We also have 100 U.S. Senators. You are one of them. And until you get enough votes to become President, you should act as such.

We are all mad at C.E.O.’s that didn’t do their job. They let other people deal with the mess, while they reaped the benefits. They allowed people to tell them every thing is O.K., so their bonuses were heavy. Well, we are in the middle of a economic crisis and that usually gives Democrats a boost. Donations for Barack Obama should be up during this time. And he doesn’t want to suspend his campaign because their are people keeping him a breast of the situation. He doesn’t want to deal with the mess but he doesn’t mind benefiting from it.

As long as he can sign his name on the bill, he can claim to have helped the situation. He doesn’t have to be the one that fights, he can just be the one that signed. Then he said he wouldn’t help the situation by bringing presidential politics into the debate in Congress. Suspend your campaign. Stop being a candidate for President and Just Be A U.S. Senator. Don’t bring politics into it. Just keep the American People at the center of your reason for being.

Or does this pose a problem for you? Is your desire to become President more important than the postion the people of Chicago gave you? If you do become President, can I count on Reid and Pelosi running your administration, while you give hope to the American People? Is the change you promise giving more power to the people around you, instead of your beliefs and ideals? Will you fight for the American People? Or will you fight for the image that is Barack Obama?

All I ask. Do your damn job. When you can break away to campaign, do so. If you still want to debate, ask for a change of subject. Why would you want to talk about Foreign Policy when every one is focusing on the economy? Or are you scared you would lose in foreign policy so you would love to have this debate over shadowed by the economy? Are you playing politics? Is this the time?

~Star is a young black Republican who is also contributor to you can read more of her stuff at

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