Monday, September 15, 2008

Debunking Willie Lynch Letter

The William (or Willie) Lynch Speech (or Letter) is an address purportedly delivered by William Lynch to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony.The letter purports to be a verbatim account of a short speech given by a slave owner, in which he tells other slave masters that he has discovered the "secret" to controlling enslaved Africans by setting them against one another.

The speaker, William Lynch, is said to have been a slaveowner in the West Indies, summoned to Virginia in 1712; in part due to several slave revolts in the area prior to his visit, and his alleged reputation of being an authoritarian and strict slaveowner.The text of the speech appeared on the internet as early as 1993, when a reference librarian at the University of Missouri–St. Louis posted the document on the library's Gopher server.

The librarian later revealed that she had obtained the document from the publisher of a local newspaper, The St. Louis Black Pages, in which the narrative had recently appeared The librarian elected to leave the document on the Gopher server, as she believed that "even as an inauthentic document, it says something about the former and current state of African America," but added a warning about the provenance of the document.

The text contains numerous anachronisms ("self-refueling", for example, since the word "refueling" dates only to the early twentieth century, or "fool proof", a word not attested until the early twentieth century). For these reasons, along with others, historian William Jelani Cobb of Spelman College believes that the Willie Lynch speech is an internet hoax.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Barack Obama. Until today I was under the misguided impression that our Government was not socialist. I was wrong; Capitalism without consequences is not Capitalism. It’s un-Capitalism. On Sept 16, 2008 the USA has become a socialist country, and in light of this fact Barack Obama is the most qualified to lead a socialist country. How many more greedy pigs with lipstick will our government bail out? If I criticize welfare as being wrong then corporate welfare is even worse, hang BUSH and the entire Republican Party I'm moving to Ron Paul. Legalize weed, get out of Iraq and let the homos get married at least he is consistent. Today Ronald Reagan is turning in his grave. When will it end? SBM

Anonymous said...

Democratic 2008 Energy Platform

1) OPPOSE development of oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) even though there would be no harm to the environment! If Bill Clinton had not vetoed ANWR oil in 1995, we would have an extra million barrels of oil each day and you would be paying 50 cents or so less per gallon in 2008 (10.5 billion bbl oil potential)

2) OPPOSE offshore drilling, even tho Cuba and China are already planning to drill in our continental shelf off the coast of Florida. (18 billion bbl plus 76 trillion cu ft of gas)

3) OPPOSE oil shale development (potential: 1.5 trillion !! barrels of oil)

4) OPPOSE more oil refining capacity. We now have to import gasoline as well as crude.

5) OPPOSE nuclear power – We have 104 nuclear plants supplying electricity to 75 million homes. Democrat President Carter stopped new nuke development in the 1970s!

Nuclear power is cheap and safe and has ZERO emissions. Progressive France gets 80% of its electric power from nuke plants. DEMOCRAT OPPOSITION IS TRULY NUTS!

6) OPPOSE eliminating gas taxes (as much as fifty cents per gallon!) Rich Democrats like Doggett (net worth $19.5 million), don’t care about the pain you feel at the pump.

7) OPPOSE new hydroelectric power. Some Democrats want to destroy existing dams!

8) FAVOR raising gas prices by raising taxes on oil companies, which YOU will pay.

9) FAVOR eliminating existing gas leases. Dems say oil companies must completely drill existing oil leases even where no oil or gas exists. Otherwise they will cancel the leases.

10) FAVOR seizing the energy industry! Neo-Communist Democrat politicians (e.g. Representatives Maxine Waters and Maurice Hinchey) have said their real agenda is to seize the American energy industry and place it under central control.

11) REPEAL THE LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND Although Democrat obstruction caused high fuel prices, Dems seek to blame “unfair” markets. Extreme Leninist Democrats want to “control” commodity markets using a form of discredited Soviet-style central planning.