Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Yes, Felicia Dobson is still in the music business. Folks may remember her five years ago as an 18-year-old pop-punk rocker who - along with compatriot Avril Lavigne - challenged the bubblegum-pop-rock of Hilary Duff and company.

While her debut CD, Fefe Dobson, went platinum in her native Canada, the half-black rocker "only" sold 304,000 copies of her debut CD in the United States. We haven't heard much from her because Island Records dropped her in 2006, right before her sophomore CD Sunday Love. Why? Presumably because neither single released from the CD, "Don't Let It Go to Your Head" or "This Is My Life", made the U.S. charts.

Fefe presses on though. Check out her MySpace page. She writes about her major-label experience: "Fefe came off the road after two years of devoted touring and growing up and started to work on her 2006 sophomore follow up, Sunday Love. The record company set her up to write with everyone from Cyndi Lauper to Tim Armstrong to Courtney Love to Joan Jett. Sounds like the recipe for success but as hindsight on the music business has taught us all about best laid marketing plans, the record never saw the light of day. An album that unleashed Fefe’s emotions about success at a young age, controlling the males that had dominated her life, growing up and speaking up, it wasn’t the fluffy fizzy marshmallow chic pop that the label was looking to sell."

Since dropped from Island Records, Fefe has written songs for other artists, including "Start All Over" for Miley Cyrus' multi-platinum Hanna Montana 2 CD. She is finishing her third (or is it second, since the second one still hasn't been released?) CD.

Bookerising's Responce-I'm digging "Watch Me Move", a hard rock ditty that she officially released last month but was "leaked" a few months ago. Great song! It's been featured on a few TV series, and is the theme song for comedian Margaret Cho's sitcom. I see that there are people who believe that Rihanna's handlers over at Def Jam are shamelessly yanking Fefe's style.

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